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    Hi everyone,
    I've been searching the forum's for a couple of months now. I was pushed into the hobby by seeing a very cool "moped" someone posted on craigslist. Then pushed even quicker by an un-passable offer for two Happy Time engines and a Schwinn OCC Chopper; for $350.

    I had to hook up the engine chain and the fuel line when I brought them home. Not so hard and I was off... or so I hoped. After 20 minutes of pedaling I came to the conclusion it was the clutch. The bike pedaled the same with or without the clutch engaged. The next day I remove the clutch cover and looked around. I realized the clutch cable was clipped too short; pulled or not the clutch would never engage. I fixed the cable but it still wouldn't run.
    I started looking at the carburetor; after all, it was dripping fuel the day before. It was fine but, while looking around, I noticed the head was about 1/16 off from the body (sorry if im using the wrong terminology). After wrenching them tight I took it back out. Started and ran smooth as butter.
    I was on my way to the gas station to put air in the tires when the exhaust, home made by the previous owner, fell off. Being a NOOB I went to pick it up and burnt my fingers. While waiting for it too cool I continued my trip to the gas station and learned the importance of eyewear. GNATS SUCK!

    I plan to mount the other motor on a road bike. I've already got the build broken into phases. I'm going to tear down the entire thing, file the head and all that, replace the gaskets and hardware (including tension washers or loktite), including a slant head. This build will use the shift kit available from sickbikes (unless anyone has suggestions). And I am going to pad all frame contact points with high density foam.
    Next will be the expansion chamber and exhaust, also from sickbikes.
    Step three would be the duel boost bottles and maniac mechanic intake manifold from bikeberry. As well as I high performance spark plug, spark plug cap, carburetor, and air filter.

    Are there any additional upgrades I could implement? And can anyone point me towards the right vendor?

    Thanks for reading, sorry if it's so long.

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    Welcome to the forum. I suggest that the engine should be mounted to the frame WITHOUT any padding. There are pro's and con's about it.

    Here is some good information.