Not sure about Whizzer or GC clone motor for Raleigh DL-1 build

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    Hello All,

    Great site! Lots of useful info and cool people.

    I'm finally starting a motorized build this year. It will be a Raleigh DL-1 Tourist. For those unfamiliar with it, the DL-1 is an English Roadster. They made this almost unchanged for about 80 years. Here's the build plan:

    Frame: It has a strong 24" frame. It will be stretched and have a downtube loop added to resemble an early Harley. A center tube will be added as well.

    Wheels: Comes with 28" Wheels. Not sure how strong they'll be. Emailed Timeless Motor Company to see if they sell 28" wheels that will strong enough for motorized duty. Hubs with brakes possible from a moped. Also looking at any mopeds or motorcycles that have 26" wheels.

    I would like your opinions on this. Whizzer motor or GC200 clone?
    I have a 2000 Whizzer motor I can use, but it needs the mushroom lifter conversion. There are people who can mod the Whizzer to make it faster. Or, I can buy one of those GC200 clone motors and have access to all the aftermarket parts that are made for it.

    I'm looking for longevity and minimal tinkering. I would be riding 2 or 3 times per week. 20 mile round trip each day. First 5 miles, flat, then 3 large hills to get to work. I'd like enough power to go up the hills easily and to leave the stop light without worrying about traffic. Right now, the Whizzer does well. Can go 35 on a straight (had it up to 40). Goes up hills but struggles. Leaves the light slowly

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you - Rob

  2. professor

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    A 24 inch frame sounds small to me, the clone motors have a good reputation. I stretched a 26 inch frame and it was a good idea. Handles great.
    I am using Puch wheels and front end with a 212 HF, but a clone motor with the integral tranny would solve a lot of issues and you get electric generation with it and many have electric start.
  3. Zen builder

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    What is a GC200?
  4. dakota_in_the_sky

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    Thank you for the response!

    Sorry for the confusion. 24" refers to the rider frame size, meaning it's 24" from crank to seat post. 28" is the wheel frame size. It's a big bike and really comfortable to ride. I have one as a bicycle and one that is in parts for the motorized project.
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    Sorry, meant GX200. I think the clones are called TX200s
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    Sorry, still not a clue. I have never heard of that motor . Who makes it? What are the specs?
  7. dakota_in_the_sky

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