Carby NT carb?CHOKE?THROTTLE?does not like to throttle down??SEEMS STUCK??

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by ronrh1, Nov 16, 2014.

  1. ronrh1

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    Yes I have an NT carb on 66cc flying horse motor and the problem is after accelerating is let off it seems as if the cable is stuck but cable seems to be moving but slide or needle????Could it be the throttle or carb or cable or choke!wHEN I AM DONE ACCELERATING AND LET OFF THE THROTTLE IT WINDS DOWN VERY SLOWLY IF ANY AT ALL?WHEN I PULL CLUTCH HANDLE ENGINE RACES EXTREMELY HIGH??
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  2. Bzura

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    You could have an air leak. Is the carb slid all the way onto the manifold & tightened properly?

    One way to see what the slide is doing in response to twisting the throttle is to remove the air filter and look inside when twisting the throttle. IF the slide is stucking it will be easier to determine why.
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  3. ronrh1

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    It seems to do it only after high rpm's for a minute or so and if it winds down it is very slow??how quick should the response of the idle go down after letting throttle go
  4. Bzura

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    There should be a spring that holds the slide down - it comes with the carb. If there isn't one there you need to get one.
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  5. ronrh1

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    Yes that weak spring is there but is it possible that it is not strong enough?
  6. ronrh1

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    Its almost as if there is to much pressure for the slide to go down
  7. crassius

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    I'd guess air leak, but you might want to move the slide up & down with your fingers to see if it is sticking.

    Normally, if cable is adjusted with a bit of slack, you can hear the slide hit bottom, but over tightening can warp the carb body & make it stick.
  8. dougsr.874

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    Make sure the black part of the cable is not hanging up on top of the carb...I've had that happen ...
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  9. MotorBicycleRacing

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    How is your NT carb SEALED onto the intake tube?

    I use an O ring to seal, but you could use some kind of goop.

    You are sucking air in through that unsealed connection that is making your motor rev high.

    When you have the carb off to seal, make sure the slide is snapping back down when you release the throttle.
  10. Slogger

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    Make sure the slot in the slide is lined up with the pin in its barrel in the carb body. Lube your throttle cable and check for kinks.
    Other than that it sounds like an air leak like Crassius and MBR already posted. The spring on the slide is plenty strong for its job.
  11. IPhone My League by simply saying come out all around where they could possibly believe that I found my air leak in a second! The leak was where the intake manifold Meet the engine so I used all the ultra copper gasket maker. Problem solved I thought!!!!!!BUT NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Red's much better but I'm still having the same problem after about 10 minutes it warms up and doesn't do it is bad but now it's back to the same old tricks!! @%@@#%#&!!!!!!!!! I've done everything cleaned out the carb and tried different air filters and done everything o know of and all suggestions. The last thing that somebody told me is that it could be a leak in the crankcase now my crank case is as dry as a bone around the gasket so I don't believe that's the problem. My only LAST AMD FINAL HOPE is that it's a cable problem. I've got a kick ass throttle, so I know that's not it. If you come up with a solution please share with me as I will with you. Thanks in advance my friend.
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