OC chopper killer

This would be the frame to use if you're going with the big Predator from Harbor Freight. Maybe straighten out the seat tube and weld the motor plate on the bottom tube. Our peanut fuel tanks have a straight flat underside which might be somewhat difficult to mount on a curved top tube like this. Never the less this frame sure stirs the imagination.

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I guess your gonna delete the chain, sprocket, pedals & chain guard (Chaining)
The pedals hit the engine on an OCC frame. Predators are just too wide. Just guessing these pedals are not far enough forward either. Would have to do a mock up to see for sure. I've got an idea on how to make pedals work on an OCC frame, but it's way "outside the box". I won't do it unless the cops give me a bad time about the legality issues.
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