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    I repainted the gas tank on my occ chopper.
    In the process, i decided to put a different seat on it (i had a standard 10 speed seat on it before).
    so i had the purple velour bannana seat that came on my lowrider, and a chopped sissy bar from another project.

    I tore off the purple velour and recovered the seat with some maroon vinyl, but i didn't like the way it looked.

    I tore off the red vinyl and got some black leather like material. Not sure exactly what it is, but it looks like leather (altho it isn't leather). I re-covered the seat again and i added a little more foam....but it didn't really make a difference as far as softness goes.
    now i can sit far back and stretch out....it makes for a much better ride.
    notice that i have the pedals set up as foot pegs...i can really stretch both legs out with them that way.

    and here it is next to my 20" drag bike, just for a size comparison. I'm 5'6, so i fit both of these bikes pretty good.

  2. Manic Hy-per

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    I love the tank - where did you get it? Perfect style for OCC Schwinn! Oh by the way - nice job on paint also!
  3. motorpsycho

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    The tank is from a Jesse James west coast choppers bicycle. I reworked it, smoothed it out and welded all the holes, seams & gaps closed to make it a functional gas tank. I also had to make the gas line outlets and the gas cap.
  4. Manic Hy-per

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    good to know - nice job! Labor of love! I will see if I can round one up thanks! for reply...
  5. motorpsycho

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    I found my jesse james tank on e-bay and i got it for $10.00 (plus shipping). It takes a lot of work to get the tank all sealed up to become a functional tank.
    You have to make fuel outlets on each side of the tank because the tunnel in the tank is really high. the tank almost has 2 separate compartments inside so you need to get gas out of both sides.
    I used dopper tubing to make my gas outlets, and i run 2 lines out of the tank, to a T fitting, and then i use an in line fuel shut off valve.
    I ground down the weld across the front of the tank and filled it in with bondo, re-shaping and smoothing out the front of the tank.
    My gas cap is nothing more than a push in oil cap for a car valve cover. It's not the best cap and does not fully seal, so filling the gas tank more than 1/4of the way is out because gas would splash out of the cap.
    it's not made for long distance, it's just for putting around so having a full tank of gas doesn't really matter to me.
    I think i have about four days in just getting the tank all welded closed, the gas outlets made and installed, and the hole cut for the gas cap (pressure testing the tank with compressed air and water as i went).
    another day or 2 in the body work (bondo).
    this is the third paint job i've had on this tank in the past 2 years.
    first it was metallic black, then i went to metallic silver, but this time i went with the black & candy red.
    I have about 4 days worth of time in the current paint job...waiting for everything to dry, masking it off and all that.
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    nice, it look good