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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by ENO, Mar 29, 2009.

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    Finally got this "thing" (or Entity) finished..blood sweat and tears..went out today all psyched up..my son rode down hills and pushed back up..It kicked over and spluttered then conked out and just didnt have the steam to power up..I disconnected the kill switch (one wire to blue / the other to the frame for ground) thinking it was killing it but no..still stubborn..Maybe we had air in the lines because I did noticed that after priming it the gas line from the petcock did not fill completely up and had about 2/3 gas to 1/3 air ??..The choke was "up" / the clutch cable was not slack / the gas mix was right for running in (20:1 unleaded and synthetic) / the black and blue wires from the motor to the power were connected / the pedalling speed was OK and he kept pedalling until it stalled / nobody lost their cool we just went home pushing the heavy beast trying to think logically and being positive...Any ideas..I posted a pic of the "stubborn one" knowing that at least the job is over but the fun may be delayed for a short time while we get our thinking caps on...The smell of the gas was a small reward for all our efforts..Try again tomorrow.

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  2. AussieJester

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    If its getting fuel the only other problem is it getting spark (or enough spark) Two strokes are the simplest ICE fuel air and spark is all they need...

    Neat lookin ride even if its not going you can sit back and admire it ... :) good job, whatever the problem is it won't be major im sure and you will be up and running in no time enjoying the bicycle :)

  3. srdavo

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    very nice looking build...you've done great so far!!

    a couple things:
    To me....it sounds as though you had spark...you said it sputtered & conked out.
    have you pulled the sparkplug & had a look?
    is it wet with fuel? might be fouled.
    Try a NEW Plug-- -- Link to replacement plugs-- -- http://www.motoredbikes.com/showthread.php?t=5362

    read this post....lines 21, about spark plug...boot & wire.

    here's another good one: http://www.motoredbikes.com/showpost.php?p=110969&postcount=1
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    Mine is 1/2 broken in and I pedal for 3-500 feet, engine engaged, puttering away (but making no power), and when the conditions become 'right' - it starts to sputter and once it's making power it 'takes off' pretty quickly. After that it's fine. Really helps if you're on a hill but level ground is not too tiring.
    I can't see a pull-starter *ever* starting this engine the way it is...
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    you said "the choke is 'up'".... pedal and let the clutch out with the choke on. it should POP! and probably die. do it again with the choke halfway on....after it starts and warms a little you should be able to turn it off completely. these motors wont stay running with the choke on fully.
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    Thanks Guys

    Hey Jester / Davo / Steppenwolf / Spunout..thanks for the replies and advice..looks like I have some tinkering and experimenting to do today..will check spark and power / choke variants / and a monster hill (maybe)..What about that fuel line having 1/3 air yesterday, I thought the line would have to be full so no air gets into the system..This morning it has nearly filled itself / I might clamp off the petcock and tank line fittings to make sure it is airtight.
    Heres hoping..I checked all your sites, albums and threads..theres some mean stuff there..youve been extra busy Davo and obviously long term MBc savvy...Thank again guys..ENO..Down Under..East side.
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    That'll do it...two strokes (most motors for that matter) don't like air in the lines...you best check if its sucking air in anywhere (it shouldn't be ie. fuel lines and carby via the seals) you will never get it to idle or run smooth if it is...best of luck matey :)

  8. srdavo

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    as for the visual filling of the fuel lines.... as long as there is fuel at the bottom...(at the fuel inlet on the carb).... you are good to go.
    the clear fuel line will rarely be full.
  9. ENO

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    DANG..A week of raging storms and rain down here in Oz..Will still tinker around and wait for the skidpans to dry out..Might have to figure out a way to set it up on a stand and kick it over in the garage..Its that heavy I might have to call it "Big Bertha"..and dry dock it..thanks again for all the good advice and tips...ENO
  10. Born2BWild

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    I put a filter on my gas line and it always looks 1/8 full, of blue fuel (16:1) and it still runs (once I get the dang thing going...)

    So in OZ - rainy (muddy?) season starts after the fire season is over? Our water is still laying all over the place in piles here in the Great White North. Supposed to get some more of the white stuff tomorrow. Great...
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    Hey Steppenwolf..Just the big wet..no white stuff (probably in the city on the streets),,Need to get out and test the bike now ive tinkered..couple of days then it should be OK..Yeh that fuel line..Like mountain man said it doesnt have to be totally full of gas..Love Canada landscapes..see ya ENO