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  1. I've just about run a 2 gallon batch through my HT at 16:1. Break in complete! Question. From here on, what is the optimum mix ratio? Bear in mind, I couldn't care less about max power. I like to cruise 15 to 20. I hardly ever do wheelies or burn outs. Anything wrong with burning sloppy 16:1 for the life of the engine?

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    lean it out to the max ?? why ??

    some are just always looking for more speed or less smoke ect ect

    seems pretty silly to the old Mountainman

    doesn't sound as if your plug is giving you any problems at 16:1

    just a little bet here -- if you stay close to 16 to 20 mixture

    SHOULD have a long engine life -------------- should

    question -- when these guys lean them down as far as they will go
    how much more top end speed are they really getting ???
    silly silly silly ones -- but we enjoy them much because they also like to

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    I used 16:1 and 20:1 on my first two gallons. Now that I'm on my third I'm at 28:1. I probably won't lean it out much more, but 16:1 seems like overkill when you look at what's recommended on most two stroke motors and oils. If you buy some good oil it shouldn't need that much. My spark plug fouled during my first gallon because of all the oil. I guess if you use that much oil you don't really have to buy an expensive kind though because there should be enough in there to keep it lubricated even if it is the cheap stuff.
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    cheap stuff oil ???

    in the US anyway -- there are oil standards set by the goverment

    even the cheap stuff is pretty darn good

    with the expensive kind being - some what better - in most cases - maybe ?

    makes it nice when we wish to

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    32:1 Amsoil Saber with premium gas, break in period 16:1 dino oil. 900 miles on engine, plug (NGK BP6HS) nice and toasty mocha color. 31 mph level ground.
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    Yea, almost exactly what he said...

    For break-in, I'd say 20:1 of dino would be best for a whole gallon, or maybe even two. Then switch to 32:1, maybe even 40:1, of your favorite synthetic.
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    Use the cheap oil at 20-1 if you don't want to change the jets, use synthetic and youll probably burn to rich. I always say the more oil the better, helps keep everytrhing running for longer. it's actually been proven that a 2 stroke engine with more oil, jetted correctly will perform better and live longer.

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    since more is better, run 100% oil and skip the gas. You can't go wrong with logic like that.
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    Yes you can go wrong with logic like that.
    What is the HT more similar too; a modern tanaka 2 stroke that runs on 50:1, or a 50's villiers engine that uses something like 15:1. Personally speaking I would use either 20:1 or 25:1. Castor oil is a little different, but most people don't use castor.

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    case of plugs needed

    buy a case of plugs -- everything should be fine

    it's hard to see you when you

    ride that thing