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    I see no reason why it wouldn't work. the main problem would be that the peddels are going to turn as quickly as the engine. If you could figure a way to disengage the crank arms I think it would be a great dribetrain...Kelly
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    there is a crankset with a free wheeling sprocket. a guy I used to work with had an early 70's jc penny bike with this set up. the sprocket continues to turn while coasting. this allowed him to downshift while approaching a stop. pretty cool, huh?
  4. Some schwinn bikes had a freewheeling chainwheel also.
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    aren't there ratcheting cranks available for hand-powered recumbents?

    maybe in the realm of disability-accessability somewhere?
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    disabled rider

    I was looking around on some sites to find a motor for our rickshaw and found this pic http://www.staton-inc.com/photo_gallery_large.asp?PhotoID=39
    on the other pics it shows how he modified his wheel chair for the motor and how he can disconnect the bike front from his chair to use his chair in normal use. I wish we could get this guy on the site to pick his brains he is admirable and smart

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    About the Freewheel chain ring crank

    Looks super dangerous to me. Watch that pant leg....Wow !!!!
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    Re: About the Freewheel chain ring crank

    good eye. I'd want a chainguard on this for sure.
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    Could you please point out what the trouble would be please, I ask because I am making the same thing.

    The chain is no where near his leg, I am wondering if that is what you think.

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    If the pant leg is not an issue, then no problem.

    I can't wait to see what you are doing.

    pics, please.
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    Fredbert, I think Thatsdax's comment was in reference to the link in the first post in this thread.
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    Hi Alaskavan, I think you are right, now I feel stupid, not that new a feeling ha ha!