Ok. So how much fun is this going to be?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by supernova, Nov 13, 2010.

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    Don't hold back...
    This will be a father and son project. The son is 13 and loves to build things. The father also loves to build things, with proper instructions, and is a bit of a perfectionist.

    Background Father: Computer Engineer (software) and Artist/Designer
    Background Son: Typical 13 year old who has taken an interest in mechanical things.

    God help us.

    We are about to purchase a bike (Black Huffy Panama Jack) and a motor (probably form KINGS) and would like to break the ice in this forum.

    Have we messed up already? :)

  2. Stan4d

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    You have not messed up already. Before you purchase a bike search and read a bit. There are things that you will want to know in advance. Coaster brakes might be an issue, you want better stopping capabilities. There are other things also. I only mention this because you said you were a bit of a perfectionist. It is not meant in any way to discourage you.
    When you search and read in here you will find many great bikes and many great ideas.
    We have several members who are very knowledgeable.
    You can click on my profile and see my first build. But it was done as a novice. There are many upgrades that I am doing.
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    Oh, sorry....I did not answer your first question. It is more fun than I can describe.
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    Perfectionist in the sense that for some things, the journey is more rewarding than the arrival. Looking forward to scanning all the threads.
  5. I would buy a bike with at a minimum, v-brakes front and rear. A coaster brake on the rear only is barely adequate for a sidewalk riden pedal bike. When you add a motor capable of 25+mph you need better brakes. You might also consider upgrading the rear wheel to something far stronger than a Walmart bike comes with. Broken spokes will ruin an otherwise great ride. During the build remember to disasemble, clean, and repack (with quality grease) all bearings.

    Yes, you are in for some wonderful fun.
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  6. PatrickW

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    "Yes, you are in for some wonderful fun."

    Yes, you are in for some marvelous fun. You are also in for some perplexing moments where you stand by the side of the road, scratch your head, and wonder what could be wrong. Prety soon it will comle to you, and the problem will be solved. Good, luck. Don't forget to RTFM.
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    Not yet, but you've got time, lol.

    How much fun? Better than beer, marijuana and my hotrod car.

    Cheaper than all of the above by 900%.

    My advice? Buy a used, quality bike with disc brakes. Rebuild the bike with high-quality wheels. Use that as a platform for your first build.

    Have fun!:jester: