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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by DynoDan, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. DynoDan

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    I have enjoyed putting various engines on bicycles for years but only recently discovered this site. I thought I would share pics of latest completion.
    It is a OCC with two...yes, TWO 2-cycle engines coupled together via timing belt to fire 180 degrees apart. Exhaust I hand made and is a 2-into-1 that dumps into the bottom frame rail for muffling. Also hand made intake manifolds and mounted Walbro carbs. It's a total of 80cc of shear terror once I get the engine(s) started and warmed up.

    At present, I am about to complete a OCC "look alike". I have already built the frame and use an old Yamaha 100 fork and swing arm. In this frame is a Briggs (Honda clone) 6.5hp (stock) with a 22mm Mikuni carb & velocity stack. Header dumps into the bottom frame rail which is glass packed to reduce db. and give it a deep lumpy sound. I will post pics of it upon completion if anyone might care to see.

    Happy bike building to all !!! ....DynoDan

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  2. wheelbender6

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    Welcome to the forum. That is a hot little chopper. You have mad skills.
  3. DynoDan

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    Thanks wheelbender6!! We have learned things along the way at our age. ha! Fun to apply in unusual ways.
    A new build is almost complete. This one I built from the frame up. Rode it for the first time
    Wednesday. Need to take some rake out of the front end and add another disk brake. this one for the front wheel. Also need to modify my manual clutch set-up.
    Havin' fun here! Thanks again! DynoDan
  4. curtisfox

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    Welcome Thats AWESOME clever and super............Curt
  5. DynoDan

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    Thanks Curt! A labor of love one might say. Fun thing is, I can fit it on the kitchen counter (where it's warm & I have good light) to tinker on! haha
    I have put engines on bikes since my childhood & each one gets more fun as
    the anticipation grows. Let the child within flourish. Happy building!! & Merry Christmas to all!! ...."dyno" Dan
  6. curtisfox

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    Yep I have or did when I was a kid. Started with a Monark twin when I was 15 and when the motor blue( rod bolt come off and did it in ). I built my own. Filed out and welded a big front crank sproket on the rear wheel hub left side Made a jack shaft useing carnk bearings and a piece of pipe with the small rear wheel sproket and about a 6" belt pully. 1 1/2 hp Briggs with a V-plex clutch. Reves up and pinched the belt to go. Wish they still made them. Then that winter I suped it honed the ports,bypased the govener and over reved it. Traded it for a 1930 Modle A ford. The guy to me later that the crank was flatened...........Merry Christmas to you and a happy New Year..........Curt
  7. PatrickW

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    Dan, welcome to MBc. That is some outstanding workmanship. You have a unique talent and a keen eye for the possibilities in a used and beaten up bike frame. I am certainly glad you decided to stop by and sign on. We are always glad to have members with your special talent. Keep the creative juices flowing.

  8. Big Red

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    Well I'll be!!! ANOTHER guy with skills that makes me look like the red headed step child. But I guess thats why I joined this forum, To learn. Can't wait to see yer next one.
    Shiney Side Up,
    Big Red.