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How does he know the guy was giving him more money when he didn't even let the auction finish? I wasn't the only one bidding and who knows how much it would have sold for. He will lie and tell you the guy gave him 1,500 or something but the truth is he gave preferential treatment to one and discriminated against several others and thats not good business. I bid on several of his bikes and i was going to bid up on this one to make sure i won. Then to have him just sell it to some local for whatever price he offered pissed me off. Thatsdax!!


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Dec 15, 2006
dude, you have had 2 posts and both were rants about a businessman doing business.
he tried to explain ,but you don't seem to want to do anything but rant
if you wanted it that bad, why not go through his web site?


your next post better make sense.

you look a lot like a guy i know named bryan, are you related?


microage97, I get stuff like that all the time. There are so many scams out there it's ridiculous. And some of them appear quite legit. But it's easy enough to figure out most of them. You mentioned that you had "chatted back and forth" with the guy. Due to this, I'd really strongly recommend that you change your ebay password. I'm not certain if it's possible, but I've a feeling some of those scammers have ways to get into your computer if you reply to them....so better be safe than sorry. I know a buddy of mine had his ebay identity stolen. The thief had listed all kinds of stuff using my buddies ebay seller ID (and his great feedback rating). He had a heckuva a time straightening out that mess. I'm sure that the scammer had none of the merchandise he had listed and was just waiting to take the money and run while leaving my friend with dozens of bad feedbacks. My buddy had recieved a second chance offer on an item a couple weeks before this happened and had replied, but did not purchase the item. I can only surmise that is how his ebay account was compromised.



Sorry to hear about your buddy. lotsa_mpg. Ya mean people suck.... I am really careful when dealing on ebay. I have been on there since the 97 time frame at least, so this little scam really freaked me out.