Tubes Options other than air?

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    Options other than tubes?

    My bike has too much weight on the rear and is going through tubes faster than I go through toilet paper. I'm going to rule out tubes as an option, there's just more stress on the tube than it can handle. Today I was refilling it to see if it would hold, and the tube blew up. Sounded like a gun shot and was loud enough that someone in the apartment building next to mine came outside.

    I've heard that industrial tire shops can foam fill tires and it works pretty well. I don't care if I have to cut the tire off of the rim when the tread gets worn off, I just don't want to worry about flats for awhile. Has anyone had this done and had good success with it?

    I've though about a solid core solution too. From what I've heard, the ones from Walmart dont work too well but I wondering if anyone had come up with anything that worked better?

    I found the tubeless method which sounds like a nice option and it would retain the cushion of air.!!

    The fact that the liquid latex seal the holes as they happen is nice. Has anyone else does this, particularly on a bike with a lot of weight on the tire?

    I'd like to hear your experiences. Thanks!
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  2. sparky

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    Get some tube strips for BOTH sides of the tube -- rim *and* tire sides.

    Get thorn-resistant tubes. Heavy-Duty tubes are OK, too... but I personally put more "weight" toward the probability of a thorn (or similar) popping my tire than a spoke.

    Air the tubes up a good bit.... THEN DEFLATE!!!

    Air up the tubes again making sure the bead on the tire has set properly on the rim.

    Never worry about a flat again, until your tire's tread wears out. I went HUNDREDS of miles with a half-inch by half-inch hole in my tire before the "Stop Flats 2" liner finally wore through, also.

    Get a good tire with a good rubber compound, kevlar sidewalls, and a high enough PSI that you can keep your tubes inflated to as high as you want. My tires hold up to 110psi, but I don't keep them over 60 psi; it would be dangerous to hit a patch of pebbles in the middle of an intersection going more than 15 mph.
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    Try a motorcycle tire. Some members are trying that option.

    How heavy is your bike?
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    Thanks for the info guys.

    A motorcycle tire would be nice and I bet it would solve all my problems, but it's just out of the budget of this project.

    sparky - I didn't consider the liner thing. It makes sense, I just need more thickness between the tire and tube so that thorns and such can't get through. I'll keep that in mind as I decide the best route to take.

    I'm working a 24" rim here. I'm finding out that it is a bit of an odd size. I'm trying to find the best tire I can for my application, something with plenty of thickness in the sidewalls and tread. I was looking on the Niagra Cycle website as they have a decent selection of 24" tires and came across the Cheng Shin C241.

    Reading some reviews on Amazon, the tire was rated highly by the people who had them and one person commented on a stiff sidewall and that the tire was heavy, which tells me it's a thicker tire. Another thing that caught my eye was that there's not much space between the knobs. The typical MTB tire actually has quite a bit of space between the knobs which means more thin spots for thorns to poke.

    Anyone run that tire or think it's a good move?
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    I believe the SCSW Boxer bike, the one w/Morini engine, uses a 24" tire. It's taller and thicker than any 24" casing. This might work for you. Google hear and at the other site for more info on what the Boxer runs for a rear tire.
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    One of those? From the pics, it looks like IRC Mibro on the tire. I checked out IRC tire's website and I don't even see a 24" listed anywhere for any of their tires, unless it's some kind of special order or limited run every now and then kind of deal.

    I'll do some more looking on the topic later but you might have a good lead there. Thanks!

    I'd really like to find a 24" UST tire but I don't think such things exist, seems to be limited to 26" rims.
  7. Never heard of another option than air. Beisdes when we used wood rimmed tires 100 years ago