Orline/Ohllson & Rice/Chicken Power motor kit

Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by Esteban, Mar 26, 2007.

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    Good to see this new forum, for those of us with a different mounting system.I have included pix of my " Orline " kit. These were VERY durable 1hp engines with a clutch made by Ohllson & Rice, in the late 1960's /early '70's. Some were in kits sold as " Chicken-Power ," also.
    I live on mostly flat ground, here in Florida, & a friction drive roller works well. This will take me, 175 lbs., from a standing start to near 20mph, pretty quickly. Also, will cruise up the smaller hills with no problems. I have checked the mpg at about 130.[​IMG]

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    Excellent! Thanks for posting your Vintage engine kit!
    That's a great kit and from what I understand they are quite reliable.
    I'd like to see more pics of vintage kits. I'd post mine, but until I get a camera and new computer, well I'll just enjoy everyone else's pic.s
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    Ohllson & Rice was still making engines in the '70's? I thought they went out of business in the 50's with their model airplane production.

    I guess you learn something new every day!
  4. 1 month old post i see....

    lol yeah........ I have 1 but my engine is black.. & have seen many different configurations over the years & some with exhaust extensions to put exhaust near bottom of front wheel.. also seen some engines with a ball crank knob others with a standard T-knob.. dont know all about these yet....

    O&R made their engines for many many uses.. I know an old O&R dealer that collect & has a crazy number of things.. a generator compressor combo.. weedeater, generator, compressor, leaf blower, edger, hedge trimmer.. been a few years since i was at his house...

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    Ohllson & Rice engines, were installed on many power tools, as stated above. These tools were usually listed as " ORLINE." Do a search & you can see what I mean. The engines were basic & tough as nails. They can be removed from the tools & adapted to fit on bikes, just like " weed eater" engines can be.