RARE Orline/Ohllson & Rice bike motor for sale

I am parting with one of my motors,,, or whole motorized bikes. It is an Orline/Ohllson & Rice/ some were sold as Chicken-Power bikes, all in the 1960's-mid 70's. This is a very rare, good running friction drive set-up using the very dependable O & R 1-hp engine. A very light kit & takes about 15 minutes to install. It has a pull start & clutch, so you can idle when stopped. This little rig will pull a rider [ I weigh #175 ] away from a stop without any trouble, & is not hard on bike tires, like some. I ride this bike often & it is a ball of fun ! Factory estimated to get 125mpg & I believe I get about that much. Top speed just a little under 20, but I once had it on a lightweight 3 spd, & it was much faster. Roads, here, are just to rough for those thin tire bikes , so I mounted it on my personal bike, A Schwinn 12 spd touring bike. Bike is in great condition as well as motor. All parts are there & it is ready to go ! I am located in N. centarl Florida, & the complete rig is $ 225,, or only $175 for the motor kit.


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I think that we might see a come back of motors such as this

my buddy rode a Chicken Power around for years -- pretty cool

the skies the limit -- if more companies start making different bicycle engines

ride that thing
The Chicken Power was basically the same as this kit, with a few modifications. Motor sold a long time ago. There is one on the Bay right now.