OT in "420 mile cross state trip"

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    I hate to be negative but unless he follows many of the tips posted on this website, he will not make it far.

    If he hasn't loctited the bottom of the studs or replaced every stud and nut/bolt with USA made ones and used loctite on everything, he will have a breakdown. If he is using stock plug, it will fail.

    I would NOT reccommend anyone take a long trip on a HT built bike unless they have enough basic information to diagnose and repair the many things that can go wrong on the engine.

    Good luck to your friend.
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  2. mcassMB6

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    Skyliner- I was very careful to guage the distance I rode with the number of times I logged in. I told myself I would only ride far after logging in and reading.In fact, if I did my math right, I'm now able to ride over 50 miles because I log in x- number of times.

    What kind of post is that? If this guy wants to take an adventure and go see his family, I'm sure he's not an idiot. He may be inexperienced, but we'll let you pull him over for that. I'm sure you just want to see this guy stay safe, but you need to lose the snobby exclusivity persepctive.

    You pretty much made this dude that's helping him out look like a chump for even offering to help. At least he's making constructive critcism.
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    what the hey, thats only about 10hrs
  4. stringer

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    I would bring a car door with me. that way, if i get hot i can just roll the window down.

    also may want to bring a snake charmer in .45ACP, 9mm, or 357 SIG. also a AAA card might be nice and a coloring book for when u get bored.

    in addition, i would also bring a big slice of beef with me to sit on the whole way. i have heard stories of cowboys doing this in their saddle and it makes beef jerkey. the constant heat and presure should dry it out. let us know hot it tastes.

    may the schwartz be with you.
  5. mcassMB6

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    also, maybe a :

    futon for naps
    sony playstation
    hair cutting kit for a quick trim
    sudoku books
    tinfoil and some food to cook on the heat of the engine for a snack
    a leatherman
  6. stringer

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    now you're just being ridiculous...

    that leatherman is alot of dead weight.