Other 2 strokers?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by sideshowsideswipe, Aug 6, 2007.

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  1. do a search on ebay for 50cc and you will find cheap pocket bikes, boat motors, lawnmowers, generators and so much more that use 2 strokes for power.

    Why is it then that the 2 strokes are illegal for motor assist bikes?

  2. Herrmanator8

    Herrmanator8 Guest

    what??? theyre illegal???

  3. the import of 2 stroke power-assist bike motors is illegal.
  4. Is it limited to motored bikes or (as I thought) a ban on the import of any 2-stroke powered anything.

    I cant see it being just a ban on motored bike engines but rather a total ban on all 2-strokes.
  5. 2 strokes are only banned until somebody takes the time ,$$, and effort to get them EPA certified....I did hear that 2 strokes are allowed if used off road for competition purposes but I am not sure if anybody is using that loophole to bring them into the US or even if it is still a loophole.
  6. Herrmanator8

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    i forgot about the ban, sorry. i think its bogus. some cars out there, no matter how clean they are with fuel injection and catalic converters, 4 stroke, some are still burning 12 cylinders every second. just think, million upon millions of cars, too many cars. theres never a time in the world where one million cars isn't running. and we cant run a tiny little 70cc bicycle engine, its all a freakin ripoff. i hate the EPA more than cops!!!

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    The problem is, the "typical" total-loss 2-stroke cannot be made to pass EPA tests. The US boat engine industry tried, for a number of years.

    The US marine-engine industry used to make ONLY 2-strokes, and now the only 2-strokes left that you can buy new are enclosed-crankcase engines that use direct-fuel-injection.
    Well, no.
    Modern cars that use fuel-injection and catalytic convertors typically decrease their emissions by 95%. Some manage decreases of over 98%. It used to be a common method of suicide to start a car in an enclosed garage, but car emissions have decreased so much now that it often isn't possible anymore. There are many medical accounts of people attempting suicide and sitting in a closed single-car garage for 6-8-10 HOURS with the car running, and still not dying.

    A properly-functioning 2-cycle weedeater engine can easily put out 10-20 times as much pollution as a car's engine running for the same time period. The new California-CARB-legal small engines (for lawn mowers and such) all must have considerably-lower hydrocarbon emissions. Different engine companies are dealing with lower-hydrocarbon EPA standards in different ways:
    The three companies mentioned in this article are reducing engine emissions three other ways, they're not using a cat-muffler at all.

    I have a Robin-Subaru 35cc 4-cycle engine for my motorbike-in-progress. I have occasionally searched online and asked at local dealers to see if there was any way to get a catalytic convertor muffler for it, and I couldn't find anyone retailing them. It doesn't even need to bolt-on, it just had to be the right size for the engine and I could weld an adaptor myself--but so far I've found nothing.
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    Well despite these accounts, I still would not recommend anyone trying this.
  9. In the lawn care industry Shindaiwa power equipment (2 stroke) is still being imported into this country despite being a "total loss" engine...The new model of weed eaters use a catalytic converter to help meet emissions (I stocked up on a couple of the older models before the switch)....Maybe the Chinese engines could do that in conjunction to running a leaner mixture of say 50:1 to help pass
    EPA tests?
  10. well that explains it - thanks for clearing all that up. I am torn between caring about hydrocarbon emmisions and getting to work in ten minutes (and riding a simple, fun bike).
  11. 2-stroke emissions, and a reality check

    Hi I want you all to know that these engines are built in very small factories. They have no real money. They have no concept of US laws. They do not know how to export. they are not internet savy, one factory does not even know how to use a fax machine.
    They are illegal to sell as a complete kit in China. They will NEVER do anything that will remotely pass for making an effort to get "smog legal".
    This is a Niche market, and the engines will need to be superceeded.
    If there were not illegal importation (smuggling), illegal assembly of parts (smuggling) and shipments from canada (smuggling) there would be only about 300 legal engines in this country left to sell new.
    Just a word to the wise. If you'd like to get rid of the vibrations, come ride my Whizzer, Mike
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    haha...you offering an MBc discount, mike?

    poor-people ride these things to earn a living, more will follow if we can figure out how to bring the motoredbike industry home.

    for real, the whizzer is top-notch...but (IMO) mismarketed...now, a light-weight 48cc version, for the workin joe & jane, would surely be something to see...and a real shot in the arm for a staggering economy.
  13. I do have to admit, for the small amount of trouble you might encounter with a Chinese kit, they still offer a very hard to beat value...I mean as little at $200
    to your door (if you have a little luck on Ebay)....That's hard to beat....Just curious what does a Whizzer cost?...I looked on his site but no $$.
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    Andy, I have a 63cc Shindaiwa leaf blower that would make a great bike motor, but it doesn't have a clutch, or a shaft to put one on. The flywheel is tapped for the blower fan assy. to bolt onto. any ideas? Thanks, Geoff