over the river and through the woods

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2:10 AM
Sep 18, 2008
South Texas
just went on my first actual ride on my MB ... ive been waiting to make sure everything was ok and also broken in before a ventured to far away but today i installed a fuel filter checked everything out ... and headed out ... it was great ... went straight out into the country was a part where i was right on this creek bank just cruisin ... it was real nice... everything went great until the way home... i was just minding my own business and my engine suddenly got real loud .... scared the **** out of me as i was still about 2-3 mls from home ... turns out it was just the silencer of the muffler rattled the bolts off i guess and wiggled out ..... i just found an empty beer can and took the tab and fitted it in to keep it in place and completed my journey ...

but ... WHILE I HAVE IT APART ... is there anything i can do or put in there to make it quieter than it is ...
I've heard you can pack coarse steel wool in mufflers to silence them a bit more as long as you don't obstruct the exhaust flow. Lots of people have had luck doing this and it should last a long time.
steel wool

Make sure to use STAINLESS steel wool of a coarse grade. That will last a while.

Jeff in Tucson
thanks.... i was real uncertain about the restriction on a 2stroke : / anyone have any trouble with this? or is it pretty much set that is ok to do this so long as its not too much.
I quieted my muffler by drilling through that center tube in 2 places down toward the bottom end. Then ran bolts through, straight across the flow of exhaust. Drilled so that these formed an X shape. It quieted the bike down quite a bit. But it also formed a collection point for soot. Eventually choked off the exhaust nearly completely, resulting is a severe loss of performance. Took me a while to figure out where the trouble was. But when I did, then I cleaned it out and my bike ran like new. And now that I know what to watch out for it won't be any problem.