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    Well after some extensive research on this site, a few setbacks in the time department, and some great advice from many people including Porkchop and Pirate88179, I finally pulled the trigger and ordered the kit that I wanted for my first project. The bike I will be using is my Gary Fisher Wahoo (XL frame - 21.5").


    BMP kit with accessories including 1" & 1.25" rollers (back ordered till Nov 14, but nice $ savings because of it)

    Monsterscooter's clone 52/49cc motor & gas tank

    2 Kendra Flame Tires 26 X 2.10 on, but they have been sitting in a store room at a shop and he has many more - $32.95 SHIPPED for the pair - I'll report how they work out later

    1 memory foam ergonomic seat

    I guess by the time I get this project put together it is going to be darn cold, but I don't care because I have been waiting a while to do this. When I start getting the various parts in, I will add the progress w/pictures to this thread. Thanks again to everyone that has helped me so far...I cannot wait to get started.

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    What are your expectations from this project? Are you on flat land or in the hills?
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    Good luck with your project, I just installed BMP kit with Subaru EHO 35, easy install, have Mitsu 52 clone wating to be switched on it (from Harbor Freight pump).

    I considered engine from Monsterscooter, but they sell them "as is" witout any warranty. Hope yours will be a good one. My first one from HF had problems but they promptly exchanged it and the second one runs good.

    Waiting for news about your Kenda tires.

    Have fun!
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    5-7, I like your setup and the videos that you have made! I live in SC and it is really flat where I live for the most part. I won't be using it as a commuter, just for fun and I will be pleased if I can top out around 30 and cruise around 23-25mph.

    Andyszyd, I originally planned on going with the HF pump as well for $119.99 and use a current 15% coupon to get it for around $109 after tax. I would still have to source a clutch (monster scooter $18.00 shipped) or wait 6-8 weeks for it ordering it for about $8 shipped from HF or maybe find it locally. So in order to go the HF route, I would be spending about $130 plus a couple of $s for shorter bolts for mounting it to the BMP kit. My local HF didn't have any of the pumps left in stock so that further made my decision a little easier. I am rolling the dice with no warranty, but I figured if I have an issue, I can tear down the motor and try to fix it myself. Shipped with a gas tank I spent right at $150 for the clone motor, so I essentially paid $20 more for a complete bolt on ready unit. If in the future, I see that pump motor go on sale, I'll use one of those coupons and pick it up for what Porkchop got it for ($85 out the door) just to have it as a backup. I do hope it all works out though, but I have talked to a few guys on here that have had luck with monster helping out with problems after the sale...I'm crossing my fingers.

    A couple of folks have pm'd me about the Kendra Flame tires. I responded, but if anyone else is interested here is the link and the seller's name is "bikeislandsite". I'll report on those soon.
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    I have used Kenda Flame tires on my friction drive. Its durometer reading(hardness) is much higher than other soft tires I've tried, so roller engagement is more shallow. The price is reasonable too.

    The Kenda lasts pretty long if I use my TLE Mitsubishi 2.2hp engine. However, my 4.2hp GP460 engine just ate through my Kenda in less than a month!:ack2:

    It's not the tire causing it, but engine problems.:whistling:
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    Best of luck with your project. I'll bet your Monster scooter engine will perform just fine for you. Mine is still running very strong and, knock on wood, no probs as of yet. With that 1.250" one-way roller and that engine, you should see about 35 mph on the flats. You will also have plenty of hill climbing power as well. Not mountains of course but I can go up any hill around these parts and it will hold about 25 mph.

    I run 25:1 ratio of gas to oil and this seems to work well all around. Just wait until you hear the rpms your engine will do after break in. To me, it is unreal.

    Looking forward to seeing photos of your bike.

    Ride safe,

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    Well, I wish I were reporting some better news, but unfortunately I got hosed on the motor. Monsterscooter sent me a used gas tank with my has very obvious signs of use on the outside as well as as small quantity of gas oil mixture on the inside. I emailed them and at first they seemed to not believe me, but later caved and sent me another tank at no charge. This had me a little skeptical from the get-go. Got my BMP kit with everything but the throttle lever (James apologized profusely and has sent it express....BMP is great, btw) and that is great - you can tell that it is built really well. So I mounted it up and took it for a spin after letting the motor run for a few. I used an old brake lever as the makeshift throttle until the other one comes in.

    THE BAD: Motor took a while to start (no biggie) and on the first pull (not hard), the red round piece that surrounds where the rope enters the pull start separated from the its housing. Again, no biggie, it still works and I wasn't expecting perfection. Went to engage the throttle and it was very "sticky" to say the least...It didn't want to pull at all. Stopped the motor, adjusted where the throttle cable enters the housing and finally got it to somewhat work right. At this point I am ****ed. I finally ride it around the block and the throttle would stay engaged about 1/3 of the way until i used the kill switch to "almost" cut it off and then it would die back down. Got home and noticed that the case is leaking gas oil mix. I never took it past half throttle. WTF. I have taken the carb assembly apart to try and resolve the problems with the throttle, but it has been no help. I think that I must have just gotten a dud, but that is a $120 mistake that is sold "as is". I know people have had good luck with this motor, but unfortunately I am not one of them. I guess that the only thing that I can do is try and see if monsterscooter will sell me a "heavily discounted" carb assembly in hopes that this could fix my problem. If it is more than $15, I am just going to give up for now. I wish I had bought the mitsubishi instead. Oh well, the brief ride that I had was fun, but not worth $300.
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    Sorry for you man, so you bought a "decent quality" China Mitsu clone but it acts more like a HT engine.

    I was turned off by Monsterscooter Parts selling obviously rejected or used engines "as is" that,s why I bought mine from HF and although it was some work to separate it from the pump it was worth it.

    Monsterscooter also sells Tanaka 40 for 300 bucks "as is", somebody is going to have "fun" playing with it, being out of 300 bucks and potential dude on their hand.
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    Very sorry to hear about your engine. Mine was absolutely new and is still running very strong, no problems at all to date. (Now I am knocking on wood over here) I just took it for a good ride last weekend and all was well.

    Does your throttle pivot on the carb move freely with the cable removed? It took me a little while to figure out how the little metal end on the cable was inserted into the pivot. Where is the gas leaking out from? Were you able to figure out which tube on the carb was the inlet and which was the return to the tank? Porkchop here on the forum helped me with that one. The one that has the 90 degree bend is the return line to the tank.

    About the only problems I have heard with some of these engines is that the pull starters are **** and will break easily. (Same with the HF engines as I bet they come from the same factory) Some folks recommended ordering an extra one right from the start. Again, so far mine is fine but if it breaks, I will just rig up my cordless drill as a starter and be done with it.

    Let me know if I can help you with any information.

    That BMP kit is nice isn't it? James is a good guy up there.

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    You are right about the pull start assembly, seems that everybody here went through at least one here on this engine including me.
    Mine got messed up too, I fixed it then it broke again, so I returned the whole thing to HF they gladely "swap the engine" for another one. My second one runs very well.

    I was told you should never pull out the whole lenght of the rope, just the short pulls.

    As for oil gas mix leaking mine first one did the same, I found in my case it came from the muffler, I am no expert on 2 stroke engines, but 25:1 mix might be too rich for this one, fouls the sparplugs too.

    One more tank and I will go 30:1 or even 35:1, after all some top quality 2 strokes like Tanaka run at 50:1, perhaps because they are "high quality".
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    Thanks for helping me troubleshoot Pirate. I figured out which one was the return. The fuel leak has "slowed down" over the past day so I am thinking wherever it is, it involves a gasket since it is probably saturated now with the mix causing the leak to slow up a bit. My best guess is it is where the carb assembly meets the engine? That seems to be where all of my problems the entire carb assembly. I also figured out how the metal end of the throttle cable slides into the channel that is cut in the piviot. To better explain the action of the throttle pivot, even with the cable removed it "rachets" instead of moving fluidly back and forth. Also, if I barely push up on the air cleaner plastic cover when everything is assembled, the whole back end lifts up (even after retorquing the connecting screws) more than it "should and the engine revs higher - I'm thinking it is allowing air in making the engine wind up and then almost completely shutting down. I can fix that part with creative rigging, but the throttle pivot was shot out of the box. I put an email into monsterscooter to see if they SELL the entire carb assembly, but haven't heard anything. I don't want to give up, but I don't want to sink much money into an engine that isn't worth saving. I think mine is just a dud, but it is becoming an expensive mistake.

    The BMP kit is a whole other story....the quality and thought that went into the design, build and instructions is great. It is nice to know that there are small companies like that out there that take pride in their work, service and craftsmanship. You can tell that they didn't just throw something in a box to make a sale.

    I'll keep you guys updated on what's going on. I did a s&^t ton of research on what to buy, and it fit my budget for this project, but after the problems that I have had, I wish I had put this $ towards a better motor. Andy you hit the nail on the head...I was looking for a "decent quality" Chinese motor, and I thought I was sacrificing "longevity" in doing so, but I expected to have more than one short ride on the thing. I am a crafty and determined SOB so I haven't given up yet...just frustrated:veryangry:
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    Here is a photo of my engine with the covers removed. I have checked everywhere and, so far anyway, no oil or gas leaks. I like the way this looks without all the plastic and I may leave it this way. It has plenty of cooling fin area and, since this engine is moving most of the time and not stationary as in a pump application, the cooling should be fine.

    Have you checked back with Monster scooter at all on your problems? I know they say all sales final but, they really might want an opportunity to make good on this. Worth a shot.


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    That looks great w/o the covers - I had mine looking like that last night. Here is the update...Two more emails to monsterscooter and I have heard nothing. I explained my issue and asked could I BUY an entire carb assembly from them and got no reply. I in no way suggested I wanted anything for free or discounted, but I did let them know the issues that I have had right out of the box. I'm not two pleased with their service at this point b/c I just wanted to see if I could PURCHASE something to make this thing run the way it should from the get-go. Anyhow, last night I began to take everything apart. After stripping off all the covers I decided to fire it up and just take a look around to see if I could see any leaks or other issues.

    1) In the picture that you supplied Pirate, the black plastic portion that connects the carb assembly to the motor, I happened to look down and notice that even though one of the gold screws with washers was "tight" the washers were vibrating around it freely. Took carb off and re-ran those bolts in straight....FIXed the problem of the motor surging b/c air was leaking in on the back of the carb assembly feeding the motor more air allowing it to surge and stay there momentarily. One problem fixed!!!!

    2) Bent the metal with pliers that houses the cable for the throttle on the engine to "line it up" better so that the ratcheting action is is still there, but it is doable. I just fear that this is going to break soon. I figured that I have nothing to loose "moding" this thing b/c monsterscooter isn't going to provide support.

    So it runs pretty good now and doesn't leak as far as I can see. I think the remainder of the gas that was in the carb was leaking out b/c of that loose bolt. I wonder if the HF motor uses the same carb assembly...if it does, I plan on ordering one (along with an extra pull start, and clutch) from there and wait the 4-6 weeks. I'll have to ask Porkchop when I get a chance if he thinks it is the same carb.

    One step closer to getting this thing right!!!
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    Good going fixing the air intake leak. Sorry to hear about Monster Scooter's lack of response. The contact I had over there, I believe, is named Jennifer. She was helpful to me for whatever that is worth.

    Yes, Porkchop is the guy to ask about the carbs, etc. as he has both engines I think. He sent me a clutch he got from HF and it is identical to the one on this engine. He posted close-ups of his engine and, I swear it appears the exact same as mine, probably from the same factory. I think those pictures are in the 2 stroke engine topic area. Parts for this engine are dirt cheap from HF, just takes a while as you know.

    Let us know what you find out from him.

    Best of luck on getting this all fixed up.