Phantom-Bikes Ghost 26

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    I built my first bike during the spring and summer of 2014 and in the fall while contemplating a second build I was smitten by the Ghost 26 at Phantom-Bikes in San Diego California. I decided to get the Ghost 26 and gently upgrade that built bike. Many of my changes to both bikes can be viewed at the YouTube site. I have also posted many pictures of both projects in 2 albums on this site. I hope you enjoy my posting and am always excited to share the process and experience.

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    Black beauty, just awesome!
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    Thanks for the kind comments! That is just what I need to keep building and tinkering!
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    I am looking to have my moterised bike legal for Maryland. When you went to the mva, what documents did you need to have. I bought the 80 cc kit but I'll but the 49 cc if I need.

    Please help

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