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    Hey everyone new to the forum here ^_^ ....

    So I'm just starting to get into the wonderful world of motorized bikes and I'm already pretty excited. My car just recently exploded on me so not only am I low on cash but this thing will make me and the planet smile all around as I am trying to become a friendlier person to the environment. I started initially looking for a motorcycle then a scooter/moped but when I found these guys I think a tear came to my eye...but anyways I'm ready to get started I have money in hand and the first thing ill need is a bike at least I think thats the first step??? Im going to try and include some photos of some bikes I like so that maybe some of you guys that have been in the game longer can tell me what will work and what wont.... I was thinking maybe the Electra Ratrod or the Deluxe as well as some of these guys in the photos.

    Thanks guys

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  2. eljefino

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    jalopy-pop looks like your best bet.

    Normal ("classic") geometry in your front fork is your friend for stability and comfort.

    If doing a frame mount motor, you want adequate space in the triangle between your downtube, seatpost, and top bar.

    If you don't have a front brake you want a place (mounting tabs) to put one.

    If this is going to be daily transportation leave the looks aside. They'll get dirty quick and draw unwanted attention when you run into the store "just for a second."
  3. Demosthenese

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    if you're going to build something for a daily commute or to become your main transport, i would say reliability and strength would be the two things you are looking for in you're overall project. If you're also trying to be environmentally friendly, then a 4 stroke rack mount is probably the way to go, because they are the most reliable, best made and most environmentally friendly of all the engines. The in frame mounted 4 strokes limit your choice of bikes because they are so big, but the rack mounts have gotten excellent reviews, as long as they're legal wherever you live.

    With that in mind, and with the plan to use it as main transport, i would look for a bike probably made of steel to decrease vibration and add strength. I'd want suspension in the front at least. With a rack mount you can go dual suspension, but i probably wouldn't. I would want brakes on both wheels. I like my gears, but single fixed gear would probably be fine.

    The jalopy there looks like your best bet due to the frame dimensions. The first and second look like they're made of some really cheap metal, so i wouldn't want an engine shaking the heck out of them. The second is all twisted metal so you'd have a heck? of a time mounting an engine on it. The third doesn't look like you could put an engine on it without some serious fabrication, because it doesn't even look like you could fit a rack mount on that one.
    So of those, the fourth is your only real option, imho. If it was me, i'd grab a 3-400$ mountain bike and bolt on a rack mount. If you want a stylish bike, unless you're willing to build it up from base with new components, it's unlikely it could really handle the kind of speeds you can get with these engines pretty easily. I'm a speed freak, so i know i would end up running it full throttle even if i knew it was unsafe (my build currently has only a front disk brake. kinda sketchy), but you may have more discipline. We need more details from you :)
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    mightymouse33, please can you introduce your self in the correct section so that we can say HI.
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    Well... I'm not a fan of the Chinese 2-strokes & not so much of frame mounted setups either. I also wouldn't try a chain-driven setup without two freewheels on the axle. But that's just me.

    If I were you, I'd get a Robin-Subaru 4-stroke from GEBE & call it a day. They're pretty much the best kits all around & are more of what you'd expect from your "daily transportation".
  6. astring

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    Are those hard to install (like on a scale of 1 to 10)?
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  8. sparky

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    I haven't built anything yet... I'm just enjoying the ride. Others say GEBE is the best there is when it comes to bicycle kits. And if I were using this daily, on a lowrider... I couldn't imagine spending my money any differently.
  9. graucho

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    Pic1. Too many spokes for sprocket mounting. V mount motor room looks OK. Bike will draw to much attention with authorities.
    Pic2. Unstable mounting frame. No room for v mount mounting.
    Pic3. Too many spokes for sprocket mounting. No room for v mount mounting.
    Pic4. Spokes good. v mount engine space questionable.
  10. decompiler

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    I am in the middle of building my very first bike. Whether you're an expert or a novice (ahem, like ME), I would just suggest going simple and rugged for your first bike. The V frame maountain bikes have makes installing the engine SO very much easier than custom, cruiser or odd frames. (I regret making a cruiser frame my first project.)

    With a mountain bike frame, you just drop the engine down on the freakin' frame, tighten the frickin' bolts and you're off. Adapting the motor to fit cruiser or sustom frames makes the project much harder. Even if you're a seasoned mechanic, I'd still suggest a standard V frame bike for a first project.
  11. TheMasterChief

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    I have to agree with decompiler here get a heavy duty STEEL v framed bike. remember weight is not a big deal safty is!
  12. graucho

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    I second the motion. (for the first build)