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Mar 29, 2008
Hi all well I hope I can up load these pic's if not some one will have to help me I tried with some other pics before and didn't work.
All pictures and information in this post/thread are purely to explain how I did this procedure. I accept no responsibility for any economic loss or any bodily harm that may come from anyone following what is posted here. Follow these procedures at your own risk.

All these pics are taken once you have removed the cast casing and then removed the pressure plate.

The first pic shows the full clutch assembly ( Fly wheel and the main shaft )

The second shows The screw tool and it's two parts. You need to take the tool apart first before screwing it into the flywheel.

The third pic shows the front face of the flywheel and the 3/4 nut in the centre that must be removed. I just put a socket on it and held the rear wheel still and unscrewed it. Then remove the washer.

The forth pic shows The 3/4 nut removed.

The fifth pic shows Screwing in the largest side of the screw tool into the flywheel. Be very carefull and patient, put some lube on it when screwing the tool in the threads on these things are fine and poorly cut. ( make sure not to cross thread ). screw the tool in as far as you can and then just back it off enough so that you can comfortably get a spaner on it or I prefer a good pare of vice grips. Once locked on they won't slip off like a spaner.

With pic number six This pic shows that you have srewed the main body of the tool into the flywheel, and then screwed in the bolt. Again take care with the threads. With the left hand hold the main body of the tool still ( with the vice grips ). With the right hand screw the bolt tighter and tighter. The bolt will slowly push against the main shaft, making the main body of the tool push back pushing/pulling the flywheel off. ( Take note when taking off the flywheel to take note of the woodruff key. This is a little half moon shaped key about 2mm thick and about 10mm long. When you put the flywheel back on make sure that it ( woodruff key ) is placed correctly the curved side sits in the sharft. try to tilt it ( woodruff key ) so the back is higher than the front and then line the keyways/slots up and push the flywheel back on. Once the flywheel is on place the washer then the 3/4 nut with a good dose of lock tight and tight the nut up. I held the rear wheel with left hand and with socket tighten up the 3/4 nut.

Pic seven shows the flywheel off the sharft.

I haven't got much time and I'm not much of a typer,, I hope all of this makes sense, and I hope all of the pics work.
Wow that was hard work working out how to resize the pictures so they would up load.


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Fatboy, great job man. These step by steps are the best! I have'nt had to replace this style yet, but when I do i'll know what to expect.
You'll have to ask sparky to add this to the "crash course for newbie post". Thanks!
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Knock on wood I haven't needed to do this either but it's an excellent reference.
THANKS fatboy!
what happen sproket threads

Hi What happen to the threads for the chain sproket. Well I had been given the whole thing the shaft and flywheel , and the thread was allready like that but I didn't care as I only needed the flywheel. This was a warranty thing from zbox. He said he was sending me another flywheel but he sent the whole thing shaft and all. I thought that in a previous post I may have mentioned it.