Power to weight ratio?

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    Hey guys, this thread is about power to weight ratio.

    the general theory is ligghter the total weight, you should be able to put taller gearing in, if not plenty of power, and little strain on the engine.

    so i was wondering, i am 13, now you legal ppl dont start on me like we dont want a bad name to mbs and stuff, but yer, i am 13 and 54kg or 120lbs,

    i was going to get the rse 66/70cc hp stage 1 kit( porting, dellorto racing carb, etc) it may seem like a over kill which it probably it is but i am a power and speed freak, i love riding my dirtbike 4 eg, it goes fast and gives me 'thrill' lol, so what is your oppion about gearing, i was thinking i would get a 36t sprocket with clamshell adapter, but if anyone thinks i could go lower like maybe even 28t, cuz im light compared to most adults who ride mbs, so what are your oppins about power to weight ratio, and gearing for a lightweight rider, btw i cant have a shift kit cuz my derailer went into spokes and died lol, so i made it 'single speed'

    thanks ,juliman

    edit: i live in a mostly flat town where ppl dont really care about dirtbikes, so a mb wont b a problem, there arnt many hills,but i would probably go on a few bush tracks, i still reckon pretty high gearing, mostly fast cruising i would do, and idk how high above sea level i am
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  2. AussieSteve

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    Wait until you get your kit with 44T, test it and then decide what gearing.
    You'll be pushing it with 28T. I'm 50kg and might go for 40T, but no less.
    ... Steve
  3. juliman

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    ok thanks, i was asking cuz you c ppl with 36t sprockets when there like 100kg , and im gettin a modded kit, but i will try the ssprocket that comes with kit first, thanks

  4. loquin

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    Keep in mind that, at age 13, you're still growing, and will get bigger. Don't max out the engine now, then literally outgrow the gear ratios later...