pre-1910 motorcycle "replica" using MB

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    I have worked with a 1917 Indian Powerplus and a 1921 Triumph Model H motorcycles at my local museum but the motorcycle that fascinates me the most is a currently disassembled 1910 Thor IV single cylinder motorcycles. This motorcycle is of the pedal starting time so it still looks somewhat like a bicycle. Kind of hooked on the very old motorcycles and in terms of performance the motorized bicycle is closer as these old motorcycles were very much dirt road machines, normally operated around 15-35 miles per hour (although in optimum but rare conditions would be driven faster).
    As I can't afford to purchase or restore one of these early bikes (even when you can find a 3K basket case the restoration can run much higher and it is often tough to keep them running reliably) the next best thing is motorize/convert a bicycle to at least appear at passing glance to one of these early single cylinder motorcycles for living history use. I didn't think there was anything big enough for my needs but now I am seeing 29er's advertized, and with frame alterrations they could become very close in appears to these earlier pre-1914ish style motorcycles. Anyone know of such projects. I fortunately have resources/people available to cut and reweld the frame, lower the seat, make the bike longer/lower with a horizontal frame to hang a tank to give it a more motorcycle appearance was well as make a tank that would simulate the old low profile tanks.
    Would like to find others of like mind.....

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    I think you came to the right place. Check out the board track jobs.
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    Check out Hough Made's bike!
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    Need a little more help....where do I look for board track jobs and Hough Made's bike?

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    Also shook myself out of my lethargy (laziness) and found some great pics on the forum.