pure oxygen, what happens?

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by Herrmanator8, Aug 6, 2007.

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  1. Herrmanator8

    Herrmanator8 Guest

    hey, i was just wondering the other day, about fuels, wat has some good power. then i thought "Oxygen" would pure oxygen boost performance???

    i know that pure oxygen ignites explosively, and could blow up an engine. but has anyone sprayed some oxygen into their intake???


  2. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    not that I am aware of, but feel free to get some vid for us (use a zoom so you don't get too close to the explosion !):rolleyes::rolleyes:

    PS...do NOT do this !!! these little things will make a lot of shrapnel !
  3. Herrmanator8

    Herrmanator8 Guest

    how about in small portions, maybe spray a little into an airbox.

    maybe its just a waste of time, money and oxygen

  4. bobo333

    bobo333 Guest

    it would probably work if you could get the right amount of oxygen/fuel, but a nitrous oxide kit would be easier to find and set up and it would probably work similarly.
  5. rcjunkie

    rcjunkie Guest

    Too dangerous to be considered a good idea. Please don't do it.

    You may wish to consider nitrous oxide (gas) or nitromethane but either use requires more fueling via rejetting or you will fry your engine in short order.
  6. dave1490

    dave1490 Guest

    oxygen like nitrous oxide an {oxidizer} is useless without the extra fuel,it,s the extra fuel that makes the power combined with the oxidizer.basicly your using the carb for air and fuel,and a fuel and air injection.air alone does not burn.nitromethane,alcohol all have high oxygen content and expensive.
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  7. Herrmanator8

    Herrmanator8 Guest

    yea, i wouldnt try it in my bike engine, someday ill find an old beater thats just kickin over and ill pump it with some oxygen, ill test it in a steel box. just incase theres an explosion.

  8. A good nitrous system would be better....and safer to boot! ;-)
  9. Herrmanator8

    Herrmanator8 Guest

    i dont think that running high performance fuels and gasses are the true way to get power, they just help the engine run faster since the carb cant supply the amount of normal gas to create the rpm's that the high performance gas does. in the end, the governer doesnt take an effect and the rpm's are too much for the engine and it just breaks. if i need more power, i need a larger carburetor. but if i end up building one of my next ideas for pure racing, i might do a little tinkering with this idea.