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    I am wondering what experience folk have had with pusher trailers. I have an electric scooter that has had external parts broken, but the heart runs fine.

    I would like to make a one wheel trailer that would clamp on to either tadpole or delta trike that I have similar to a burley trailer. With the small wheel the entire package could be ten inches tall and 8 inches wide and 18 inches long not including the tongue.

    I would be expecting it only to be "assistance" coming into play at speeds in excess of ten mph rather than as "motor only" where the wheel might spin out or track badly, used only to improve distance range, rather than make the trikes faster.

    The idea also is to be able to put on /take off the trailer in moments so the trike becomes a normal trike.

    Are there light issues to attend? Parts sources? The trailer would be a drag when freewheeling, but impossibly so? Legal issues? Things I have not thought of?

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    I have a pusher trailer. It's a 6.5HP gas trailer with two wheels, and it tracks great, and I pedal as well as use the engine.

    Now your electric 1-wheel trailer should be just fine if you get your hitch and balance right. I wonder where you would mount the batteries to run your trailer? Electric would be nice to get free charges from electrical outlets in town!

    These forum threads are full of links to get parts, and also ideas. Each trailer I have seen here is different, so check them all out.

    Some push trailer threads:
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    Stealth Electric along side

    It was very interesting going through the threads but what I have in mind is very different from what I saw there. Most are way too big and I would not like to have the trailer actually behind the bike but more something that would run along side staying parallel to the rear wheel, perhaps even lifting off the ground when not in use, and not higher than 10" anywhere.

    I am running a Catrike pocket so the whole "Connect to the seat" thing will not work anyway, but want to connect down low such as many trailers do with enough swing room for turns around 15' radius which is all the Catrike can do in any case.

    The batteries for the scooter are small and sit in front of the rear wheel so are out of the way and work to hold the wheel to the ground which I see as a big problem as it will have little other weight to it. While it would be ugly a visegrip welding clamp would be a perfect quick disconnect of the sort I have in mind, I will have to keep looking for the perfect arrangement. I plan to skip the motorized hand truck phase.

    Btw I am familiar with the Polk County Police, a friend spent a year and a half in jail over less provocation.
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    What kind of scooter do you have? I may have an idea for you if the scooter is like the one in my pic.
    Also, I've seen a setup like you mention, with the drive wheel running along the right side of the bike as you mention and will look around for a pic.

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    Found them, the last pic is the "hitch", allowing the unit to swing up and down with the road conditions.(It is left a little loose)

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    just for the heck of it

    you should take a look at a new thread called

    99% done 196cc ----- one powerful (cool) trailer bike built

    ride that thing
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    Other than mine was red, yes that is exactly what the scooter was.
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    Well...You can remove the metal frame and throw the rest aside. You will notice that the frame holds the wheel , the motor and chain. To guess, I'd say it's around 6"x18"
    Now try to picture this mounted to your bike as you would a rear rack, over your rear tire, mounted in three locations. (behind the seat and two supports attached to the two wheel nuts). The bats. can be zip tied under the crossbar. A simple heavy duty ON/OFF spring loaded button is fine as a throttle.
    The wheel sits on top of your bike wheel and as it spins, it turns the other wheel moving you forward. All it takes is about three feet of 3/4 inch square tubing , a drill, a grinder and three bolts, along with two hours of your time.
    Very easy, very simple, never slips when wet and works better than you would think!

    *edit* after posting, I noticed you posted a pic. I thought you wanted to power up a normal bike. Never mind.
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    Wouldn't having the pusher to the side of a two wheel bike make leaning in a turn more difficult? I would think in that case, having the pusher in line would make it more stable.

    In the case of a tadpole, it may not matter at all, since it looks like the rear wheel always sits at right angles to the road.
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    It pivots up and down when you lean right or left. If it didn't float it would cause problems. It leans like a normal bike.
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    How to make it universal?

    I am depending on that fact, but I have both a tadpole and a traditional Dakota delta and want to be able to use it on either or neither. I have seen a burly trailer hitch that just clamps on anywhere and has a large heavy spring to take up what ever odd angle it is attached to, the trick is to manage that with one wheel and am thinking some sort of outrigger attaching someplace else though I would like to avoid that. An alternative would be a ball and socket joint that could be tightened.

    In any case the height needs to stay below 10 inches to stay below other necessary parts. The wheel will also need to align to the rear Tire(s) of have enough play as it will swing more than the tire. The throttle will also need attention as the distance will be short in one case but very long in the other. However the tongue is the first order of business. I expect to try thinking several times to only build it once (or at least fewer times)