School me on cargo trailers

If you bricked it, that is usually indicative of some borked software installation and not usually a hardware problem.
I would like to be able to make some motor controllers as well as some home automation. I just had that nano that I got for 3 bucks on AliExpress. I did make a led blink on and off before it quit accepting code
Guys I'm looking at getting a small cargo trailer for this new ebike I got coming. Can some1 tell about hitch styles & such.

Also is a 2 wheel cargo trailer better than 1 wheel cargo trailer. I personally like the looks of the 1 wheel cargo trailer better. I also think it might navigate better in turns & on trails.

I think the couple trailers I'm looking at are a axle mounted quick release, but not sure.

Can someone help me out & is consistently pulling a trailer from time to time.

Thanks all greatly appreciated.😎View attachment 197814View attachment 197815

DieselTech said:
Yeah seat post mount trailer or cargo bike axle mount seems to be the best for greater/better turning ability.

I use this one to deliver groceries


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