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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by jimj, Aug 1, 2016.

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    Hi Kevin:

    Sorry to bother you with a silly question but nobody out there seems interested in answering my question. So since I saw your threads and know that you are a builder in Arizona I am asking the question . I got my engine kit from gas bike a couple of weeks ago with a broken choke lever (plastic). Lorenzo told me it as easy to replace but sent me a completely different one.
    I want to know how to replace this lever as it seems one piece on the carb with crimped in butterfly valve?
    Hopefully I don't need a new carb.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Thanks Bakaneko. Ha, Ha, no I did not see it but that was the part that Lorenzo at gas bike was supposed to send me as replacement because my kit is only a couple weeks old. But he sent me me this lever operated lever that clamps to the bike handle I think. So still waiting on the original part,but not holding my breath as they are known for non-support unless you buy thru e-bay. If it was listed on e-bay I may take a chance. Thanks , have a good day. Jim
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    Np, I wasn't trying to make a joke pasting the link for it from gasbike though yeah it is kinda funny... I would just bite the bullet and get it. No point since they don't seem to care either way. Better for you to get the part and start enjoying the bike asap.

    I tried pulling lightly on my choke lever and it appears to come out. And, looking at that picture it doesnt seem like there is much holding it down in its slot. I think when you put the new one in you need to know where the choke is at that point to align it to the choke lever position. I.e. you dont want to put the choke lever in at the open position when the choke is actually close.

    Try posting a picture of it for KC and other 4-strokers. I feel it is just getting the part, removing the old one, and putting the new lever in and aligning the choke to the lever position.