Question on this type or transmission/gear reducer

Mark W

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Apr 30, 2008
Can anyone tell me if the gears inside this type of gear reducer can be changed? I've read the info on these and it has been mentioned that they are a Chinese 3:1 gear reducer. In calling around, I believe that all of these are actually a 5:1 reduction ratio. For my project, I need a 3 - 3.5 reduction. I am wondering if I can change out the gears on this to get close to what I need.

Or, if anyone knows a gear reducer like this that really is a 3:1 reduction, I'd be interested in learning where I could purchase one.

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Mark W


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Looks like a chinese scooter transmission. You'd definitely have to change the sprocket on it first of all, it uses some really tiny spaced chain. If its anything like my chinese scooter it would probably be geared too high unless you ran it through a large sprocket on the rear wheel.