QUESTION, Who is interested in 35cc inframe?

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by MotorbikeMike, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. MotorbikeMike

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    Hi all, I am currently looking at gx35 Honda and Robin Subaru EHO35 as inframe bicycle engines. I'm wondering what 35cc engines people like and why? Additionally, for riders in 35cc states, do you think and inframe would be welcomed? I am considering abandoning the little clutch and clutching it outboard, so it would take off by itself, without the worry of clutch wear.

    So, lets talk about it!


  2. zean

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    Hi Motorbikemike. What 35cc engines people like? I like the honda gx35 because the price is much better the the R/S EHO 35cc. I think an inframe 35cc would be welcome for people who like to peddle assist their motorized bicycle, they have reliability and a little engine to heip them back home peddling far away. MotorbikeMike, are the carburetors that draw fuel upward from a tank that sits below the engine like on the honda and R/S 35cc less prone to plugging up at the main and idle jets than a gravity carburetor like on the HS and honda 50cc. I mean are the carburetors on the honda and R/S 35cc less problematic than the carburetors on the HS and honda 50 engines? Thankyou MotorbikeMike.
  3. IbedaYank

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    these are not motorcycles with a multiple plate clutch pedal first then crank on the gas... no clutch wear
  4. LR Jerry

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    My RS 35 has held up very good. However for larger riders in steep hill country a shift kit is a must.
  5. timeflyer

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    Hi Motorbikemike, I would be very interested in the Honda GX35 inframe kit. I am currently trying to figure out how makes it work on there Robin series bikes. I would love someone to list the main components to mount on GX35 (tranny, sprocket, shift kit). 1st with a direct drive chain version back to the sprocket. Helio bikes uses a huge sprocket, not sure how many teeth on that one. Also, the transmission that is compatible with the motor. Is the drive shaft coming from the motor 5/8" so you can use a standard T-belt tranny? Does the motor require the gas tank to be under the motor or is possible to have the gas tank above the motor?
    Next the shift kit version. Are the size of gears that come with a shift kit correct for this size motor?
    I'm really glad you are looking into this as I am ready to start building one.
    Would really like this thread to continue and have others give their thoughts and photos if they are building one.

    Thanks Timeflyer