questions about moped and motorized bicycles in Missouri


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Jul 15, 2008
so i am having questions about mopeds and motorized bicycles in Missouri. i have heard that in Missouri to ride a motorized bicycle you need a license. motorized bicycles are catagoried as being atleast 50cc. would anyone know if you need a drivers license to ride a motorized bicycle (moped) if the engine is under 50cc? i do not have a drivers license but i do have a permit and i would like to know if that would suffice for a moped under 50cc. i have found no answer for this question. thanks for your time all.
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Most states allow a person to ride a motorized bicycle with a drivers license (permit).. I think that your questions above -- seem confusing --- you state that MB are catagoried as being at least 50cc ??? No - usually below 50cc some states even lower cc.. Happy Riding from - Mountainman