Quick-Release to a Nutted Axle

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    I have one of those 5/8" nutted axles from GEBE, and I wanted to put it on my rear wheel, which has the quick-release. The thread pitch is the same on both. Since I don't have a chain whip and cassette tool, I went to the local bike shop; one of those who cater to the rich.

    So I come in with shorts and a t-shirt. Mind you, I don't fit in with the demographic, so I end up waiting half an hour while they take their sweet time with their clientele. Aren't I one of them? Guess not.:(

    They direct me to their mechanic. I ask him if he could put the GEBE nutted axle on my rear wheel. Without looking at the wheel, he first tells me he doesn't think it can be done! After explaining things to him ("I don't have the right tools") he told me it'll take too much money ($28), and he doesn't know if I need a different axle to go along with the GEBE nutted axle? :-xI have the axle in my hand! And cones and spacers....they're in the wheel, and it's the same thread pitch!
    I told him it's the same pitch. Why can't he do it? :confused: I'll never go back to this bike shop again...I do not recommend this shop to anyone. I've yet to find a good one around here.

    I got the impression he just didn't want to do it. He even told me that the quick-release axle will hold up the GEBE mount and engine. :confused:Is that true?

    I'd like to believe him that the quick-release axle will support the GEBE setup. I looked up The Bicycle Tutor online and learned how it's done and
    D*****, I'm tempted to just buy a chain whip and cassette tool, but there are too many types of cassette tools.
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    What area of SoCal are you in? If you are close to Orange County I'd recommend the The Path in Tustin Great Shop Great People Great Mechanics. The idea behind GEBE's recommendation that a nutted solid axle be used is to get the rack struts to bear on/supported by the 10mm dia. axle instead of the 3-4mm dia. QR skewer. If it were me I'd spend my money on the tools and do the job myself. If you take this route you will probably need to get the proper size cone wrench as well as the chain whip and cassette tool.

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    O.C. ...I'll p.m. you the name of the shop. They're a bunch of snobs. Could you relay the same question to the folks at the Path in Tustin to see if they'll do it?

    I don't know what proper size cone wrench (is that the same thing as a chain whip?) and what proper type of cassette tool to buy. If I photograph the dang thing, can you guys tell me which cassette tool to get?
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    I PM'd you the link to The Path, and I know they will do the change for you. This is The Best Bike Shop in Orange County, absolutely The Best. Cone wrenchs are thin wrenchs used for holding the cones while using a regular wrench to thighten the lock nut. Since I now know you are in Orange County if you aren't in a hurry there is a shop in Anaheim on Harbor Blvd that allows people to come in on Saturdays and use the shop tools and stands to work on their own bikes. I can't think of the name of it off the top of my head but I'll locate the name and send it to you. As for cassette tools, just about every manufacturer has adopted the Shimano pattern for their cassette lock rings.

    I found the Shop mentioned above. http://www.thebicycletree.org/main.html

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    Thanks for the link to the bicycle tree and the path :)

    I'm really bummed out and ****ed off. Why can't people just do what the customer wants done? And if they don't want the job, just say so!

    OCScully, exactly what are the tools that I need? O.K., so I need a chain whip, a cone wrench, and is a cassette tool needed? It'd be nice if someone could do a youtube video on how to do it.
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    Dont be bummed ,I went to a shop and the guy did it for free, took himm 3 minutes, I watched him, bought a tool and did it myself on the other 2 wheels I am working on.
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    scrapping the project

    Thanks for the show of support, Kawasaki999 :) It was a bad experience for me and I'm really bummed out. I'm scrapping the whole project. It would've been my 2nd MB...a 40cc Mitsubishi/Snapper motor.

    I'll just wait for my buddy's GEBE kit to arrive and put it together for him. He brought over his new comfort bike with 5/8" axle that I know will hold his GEBE setup.
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    I think to be a MBer you have to have a friendly bike shop within walking distance.
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    Tools: 1) proper size cone wrench (my best guess is 14mm or 15mm)
    2) chain whip
    3) cassette tool
    4) 17mm wrench or cresent wrench

    If you want to come to the Newport Mesa area with your wheel and axle we can meet and do the job in the parking lot and you will be set, and on to the next problem. PM me if interested in setting this up.

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    OCScully, I spoke to a cyclist at Bolsa Chica Beach. He took a look at my wheel and said I needed a Park FR-1 freewheel tool. We went over to Sunset at some guy's garage and took the wheel/gear cluster off and took the axle off and put in the 5/8" on. I'm set!
    Thanks just the same for the invite to Newport Mesa. If we ever do Motoredbikes.com gathering, I'm there! Hope to meet up soon :)
    Kind Regards,

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    glad you got that whole mishap sorted out,

    living in vegas i have used 3 different bike stores for help with the bike, one of them been an extreme store for the lycra bunch, but i have had nothing but help from all the mechanics, most of them took i ride on my gebe setup and were hooked straight away, i pointed them in the direction of the fourm.

    I think because of the price of gas everyone is open to a cheaper mode of transport that they could use on a regular basis and not just for having fun times on.
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    vegaspaddy, it's a rare encounter to meet good people who are willing to help out a stranger, and even more rare to find a store like the one you went to :) I'm really glad you told them about MBc.
  13. The bike shop close to me were all snobby and they have cruiser bikes yet then further out another bike shop that specialized in high end roadie bikes was way more enthusiastic about my bike.
    Go figure.
    But the other day the owner of the snobby bike shop told me it wasn't about me and my bike at all but they have had a recent brake in and almost got away with a lot and they almost had to shut down so they weren't very enthusiastic for a while. Then he got all enthusiastic about my bike except that he didn't like that Schwinn went China and we talked about why their bikes are superior and I don't beg to differ at all.
    So I think,Mark that you just ran into a total @##$%#@ that believes a real bike rim weighs a half a pound and cost 500 dollars by itself and the very idea of removing the beloved quick release is simply an abomination to the eyes of the roadie lord.