Ran Out of Gas

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  1. Last night while returning from my favorite bar, I ran out of gas. Pedaled home 3 miles. It was grueling. The 36/21 tooth chainring/freewheel makes starting very easy, but not so much for making way. I also lowered the seat so I can place my feet down when I roll to a stop. Low seat position, small gears made for a long ride home. I have searched the forum for reserve gas containers and have several options. My question is: Which is the most conveniant? Gas stove fuel bottles, jerry cans, wine bottles or any other suggestions?

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    filler up, before you go, bro. :tt2:

  3. NICE dave... that would be the best thing i guess LOL
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    How about a Whizzer tank?

    Here's a funny story. I installed a Happy Time spare tank and locking gas cap on "Mr. Hyde", my dual-engined monster. So I'm at Home Depot four miles from home when I realize both engines' tanks are low. Still having problems with the HT tank not automatically filling them.

    No sweat, I'm carrying a siphon hose so I can manually feed both tanks from the HT. Darn, I forgot the gas cap key at home. I called my daughter, and she's driving home to get the key and bring it to me. I told her I'd drive towards home and call her at that point that I totally run outa gas.

    Halfway up the last hill, both engines run outa gas. Darn! The seat's in the lowest position. After huffing and puffing that heavy bike to the hillcrest, daughter pulls up to me. "Never mind. I'm less than 50 yards from home."

    So I get to the front door, exhausted, breathing hard, fumbling to find the house key on my keyring. There's my house key, right next to my....

    gas cap key.:)
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    God that made me laugh, what a story. There always in the most obvious places arent they.
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    the safe and not so safe -- gas bottles

    safe --
    as you mentioned gas stove fuel bottles
    and all other tanks made for the storage of gas

    not so safe
    I use a bicycle water bottle
    this water bottle (the second one) is working great
    the first one used -- rubber o-ring melted from the gas -- little pieces in tank

    I did buy one of those gas fuel bottles -- red one at sporting goods store
    still perfer the water bottle -- easy to see into

    ride that thing
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    How true! I don't think I would ever drive my MB further than a full tank would take me.
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    Yeah, it's only a matter of time before I figure out how to get that HT reserve tank to automatically refill both engines' tanks.

    I installed a siphon bulb in the fuel lines to encourage fuel flow.

    An electric fuel pump is the last resort.

    Then no running outa gas...

    unless I forget to fill up.:biggrin:
  9. 5-7, what caught my attention was "my dual-engined monster". Pictures?
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    After running out of fuel half way to work(10 km one way) I went and purchased a 4 liter ht gast tank. It will actually take 4.4 L at the bottom of the filler neck. I am going to run it dry with a spare fuel bottle on the rack next week for when I run out to see what kind of range and mileage I am getting.
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    Quart oil containers work well and they're basically free. Camp fuel bottles are better because they fit into bottle cages though but they're fairly expensive for what they are.
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    I'd get an MSR (red) fuel bottle and carry it in a bottle holder. Try not to get the SIG fuel bottles (looks like brushed aluminum), they can't be pressurized. The MSR bottles can withstand the higher pressures caused by a hot day.
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