rattling noise from conrod/gearbox



anyone else have a similar rattling noise from the small pinion / gearbox area. its like a rattling noise with a few pings thrown in, kinda hard to explain. but its worrying me a bit,
ive greased the gears really well and cleaned them etc.
its makeing me wonder if its a piston knock or something serious??
any help is appreciated, thanx! from elwood
At what speed? All the time, or only at higher rpm? One of mine makes a lot of gear noise, even after it's been greased. The other is much quieter.

Check for looseness of the large slot head screw that holds the smaller gear in place.

Check for loose engine mount nuts since a lot of us have heard pinging only to find the nuts were loose.
If its at higher RPM say above 20mph, I would check your piston arm upper bearing. Make sure you have no damage to the upper piston when you take the top of the jug (part where you spark plug threads in) off. My engine would run Ok under 20, but above 20 it would start rattling and it was the piston rotating and moving around in the cylinder due to a blown out upper bearing.

Oh yeah, there is a very large flat head screw that threads into the small drive gear on the right side under the large clutch gear/plate panel. I found mine unscrewed and floating around rubbing against the cover which was making some noise after my first few hours of riding. Luckily it wasnt stipped too bad and I was able to loc-tite and thread it back in. You might check that.

I had the big end pitch all the rollers out and bugger up all the internals, and this was about the first week, it seems if the engine lasts the first few weeks it goes a long time. All the supply-rs are good about the replacement if it is quick enough. Take off the exhaust pipe and look at the piston, while turning the crank with the bolt on the left side back and forth, see if the piston is at the same rate. Have fun, Dave
the noise is all the time, loader on tickover, i managed to shut it up for a bit by putting some sawdust in the gearbox but it soon came back after a 3 hour ride.i hope its nothing serious
i checked the screw. nothins loose.
any ideas??
Sawdust? Your joking right? Grease man, GREASE. Use some carb or brake cleaner and clean the sawdust out.....then grease it with litium grease.
I got a 54 Chevy truck with banana peals in the rear end. I was sure mad when I found out. Did not have fun, Dave

PS: I think there was saw dust and Jello in there also.
anyone have any more suggestions? ive ran out of sawdust now and im having to cut wood to make it, havent tried the banana skins yet as i dont think they would work. i use the bike alot and its getting worse, the dust bareley lasts 3 hours and i have to do 5 hours tomoro
from elwood
elwood the troll comes out from under his bridge to expound the use of sawdust......
Bikeguy Joe said:
elwood the troll comes out from under his bridge to expound the use of sawdust......

was there any need to call me a troll?
i come on here to ask questions and you call me a troll.. im telling the admin