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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Canon, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. Canon

    Canon New Member

    I placed an order for a new clutch lever and pull start assembly on 7/30/11. Order went through the next day and I was charged soon after. I received email confirmation and my account on the site shows my receipt. I never received any type of tracking number nor have I received my product. I've emailed and called repeatedly in the past few days, but no one answers the phone or returns my emails/voice mails. They seem legitimate, but I'm starting to worry. Has anyone had any experience with this?

  2. madcroc

    madcroc New Member

    I was about to post the exact same thread except I paid for a full engine kit. I'm starting to get ****ed. Ordered on 8/24/11 - they took the money, no tracking number, no response email or phone it goes to the voicemail. I'm a poor college student so $180 is a lot of money to me right now, this is not acceptable.

    I also received this little gem when I tried to email them:

  3. Canon

    Canon New Member

    I've filed a card dispute.
  4. madcroc

    madcroc New Member

    I've just done the same, I'll post when I find out what happens.

    I'd avoid RAWMOTORS.COM at all costs right now, some shady stuff going on.
  5. justinsidethegates

    justinsidethegates New Member

    interesting cause i just ordered a new magneto last week from them since it was the cheapest around and didnt get a tracking number or any other great info after the order went through and notification from my phone 5 seconds later from my bank that the funds had been taken out for this order. I plan on working on this tomorrow so hopefully it gets here soon.
  6. madcroc

    madcroc New Member

    I wouldn't get your hopes up. It's really crazy how so many of these vendors have zero customer service, as far as I'm concerned this is straight up stealing. I'm lucky enough to have a resource for 2-stroke kits locally I'm done with these shady dealings.

    The only vendor I'd recommend is thatsdax.com, because that is the only vendor that's responded to an email.
  7. madcroc

    madcroc New Member

    So FEDEX just delivered my engine kit to my doorstep. I don't know what's going on with their communication but I hope you guys get your stuff too.
  8. Canon

    Canon New Member

    I've waited 31 days so far, don't think mine is coming.
  9. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    nasty. i had much the sameness recently.

    do i name names? mbb imports? no info, no feedback. no item. two weeks, getting shirty, a bit impatient...and motorless. order same deal from zbox... engine n spare cyl/piston etc. 2 days at my door, from interstate :) even an email saying he forgot to send the cylinder so it might be late but everything was there the same time :D meanwhile, still waiting on the first one....

    three weeks finally it arrives. from a suburb about 1.5 hours away if i had a license and could drive legally... not to mention that the cylinder/piston is wrong.

    but getting nothin at alls worse :(
  10. justinsidethegates

    justinsidethegates New Member

    My magneto did end up showing up just still wired that they have 0 customer support it seems.