Re-introduction from MN.

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    I wrote that over a year ago. I guess I'm done lurking and am checking in again. I have since than got my HT MB up and running and have put on 100-150 miles? (need analog speedometer) The things I've learned from all of you have been very, very helpful. I

    Somethings have been learned the hard way, take for instance:

    Lesson #1) You CAN snap Grade 8 bolts and take out a chunk of HT engine mount at the same time. Hence the welded front mount. The engine mounts are now aluminium that I wired out (Wire-EDM) with the according angles built in,(front one welded to motor).

    Lesson #2) You CAN take out spokes, if the stock tensioner flips on you. I've made a sturdy chain tensioner.

    I've mounted a cooler on seat post bike rack, that holds the a small gas tank in it, tools, extra quart of premixed gas and secondary engine mount system. (AKA = Bungee cord).
    Lesson #3) if your mounts breaks whilst cookin along West Broadway its good to have tools with and something to hold your engine up so you can still pedal to work on time.

    I will be making the Zener Diode style charging sytem for the whole lighting system. Started commuting to work now. Much scarier going to work at 2pm than riding home at midnight, Between cagers, and haters and random re- engineer's that tell you how you should have done it. It's nice to let the throttle out and put my feet up on my highway pegs and roll

    Good luck to All. Now I need to go take some pics and put em up.

    Try this on for size, a wise man once said. "Anything that can be figured out, can be figured out in the American Garage" Props go to any Minne-soooohtans that can name that name that wise man.:helmet:

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    Welcome back. Glad things are going okay.