Clutch Rear wheel locks when clutch engaged...

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by kg4nng, Oct 11, 2008.

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    Hello all,

    I've been assembling my cheap Chinese 49cc for a few days now, and when I had to use the included 'weird' tool (as I've heard it called) to turn the sprocket to get the chain on, I had to use a LOT of force, so much that the tool deformed. I had to get one of those 'gator grip' ratchet heads to do it, and it required a WHOLE lot of force (this is even without the spark plug installed).

    I didn't think that much of it, but I did have to remove the pin that activates the clutch in order for the tool to work. I put it back in though.

    So, the assembly is all done and it's the moment of truth. I start pedaling down a hill with the clutch in, choke up, and hopes high. When I reached a good 18km/h, I let the clutch go, and the bike came to a screeching, Starsky-and-Hutch style stop.

    I searched through the forums and all I could find was the chain getting bunched up under the clutch cover, but that's not the problem. The bike will move freely forward with the clutch in, but the back wheel will not budge going backward with the clutch disengaged, and ditto for forward motion when the clutch is engaged.

    I got the Gator Grip spanner back out to see if I could still crank the shaft manually. I could but it still requires a LOT of force. This leads me to think that posting it under this heading instead of 'clutch' problems may be the right thing to do....if not my apologies.

    Any thoughts on what could be causing this odd behaviour?

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    take the spark plug out and cut the fuel to the carb and see what happens. The plug may be contacting the piston. At least it should relieve some of the pressure when turning the wrench. Cutting the fuel just prevents you from getting sprayed. Try it out and let us know.
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    something sounds to be -- way too tight

    should not be -- near impossible to turn your engine over

    note -- chain should not be -- extra tight

    ride that thing Mountainman

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    when you pulled the pin out of the clutch/sprocket to put chain through did you happen to drop a ball bearing out with it, because when i did the same thing to install my chain, the ballbearing fell out and caused me all sorts of problems until i found it..

    could have a connection. might not. you ncould also try to undo the cover to the clutch on the other side of the engine, and loosen the small screw and release some tension on the clutch pads themselves.. be careful to not be too loose as this will cause a whole load of others problems.
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    Thanks all for the suggestions - you know, it sounds very likely that I may have lost the ball bearing. When I get back I'll have a look and let y'all the meantime, if the ball bearing is indeed MIA, what size is it? Is it something one may find at a local hardware store?