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    Hi All!

    I am interested in investing in a new rear wheel for my monstrosity. There are a few specific criteria I am looking for.

    1) It needs to have the International Standard 6 hole mount for a disk brake (I intend to upgrade to one of andyinchvilles top hat style hub mounts so I can directly attach a hub to my wheel rather than spokes).

    2) it needs to accommodate a cassette style shifter as in the long term I would like to upgrade to a sick bike parts style shifter system.

    3) It needs to be heavy duty enough that I do not kill the danm thing over a short period of riding.

    I have already eliminated the HD axle as lacking the abillity to attach a cassete shifter, and am looking for recomendations regarding either a reasonably priced hub and rim combination or prebuilt wheels.

    There are two in specific I am looking at and I was wondering if anyone here has had experience with either of them.

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    There are many things to look for but always get a good grade of DP stainless steel spokes. Also, the more spokes, the stronger the wheels will be. Go at least 36 or more................ PS ( But double wall rims if you can)
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    What exactly were you doing when you came across this 4 year-old thread?