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  1. eleseur96020

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    I am considering getting a friction drive kit. I had a happytime, but it caused me so much trouble due to quality and the bicycle i put it on that i boxed it up and will sell it soon. I want to get into a friction drive. Something QUALITY but under $400, and preferably over 30 cc. I weigh 130lbs and i want to be able to push 35mph+ (not afraid to do some modding):cool:. Any recommendations for a 4 stroke complete kit that meets the aforementioned specs? I think i can take care of the bike part. I have a lot of knowledge about bicycles, and what frame geometry to choose for the application but i need some help choosing the engine. Probably going to go with a newish trek, GF, or specialized lightweight hardtail MTB, with a large frame.

  2. Happy Valley

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    4stroke friction kit? This is easy: Staton FD w/EHO35 Robin, he'd got some on ebay for $399 shipped.

    I just put one on a Diamondback Edgewood, ostensibly for my wife...., went for a looooong ride with it today and it is sweet! Quiet, smooooth, plenty of power.

    I weigh 200lbs so with you at 130 it will fly. You'll never go back to a HT.

    Staton used to let you choose what size roller on his ebay sales but I notice the ad now says it comes with the 1 1/8" only????:confused:
  3. graucho

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    Yes, this ebay seller is Staton Co. I did buy this exact kit and was extremly happy. I got the Robin subaru 35cc. I also weigh 210 lbs. (solid muscle of course:shock:) You can get any roller size you want when ordering.
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    Righto, but he will charge his web site prices without free shipping. Been there, done that. The text of his ebay ad now states no choice on roller size: 1 1/8"

    Maybe one can cajole him into a different size but he can be a tough ol' bird.
  5. graucho

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    Yes your correct...... His discription changed since I ordered. Good catch. HappyV.
    Here's his roller page for pricing if you have to upgrade.

    Here's his new ebay Quote...
    "We are no longer offering a choice of a Rear or Front mount kit and your pick of the size of the drive roller due to customers not telling us what they want, then leaving negtive feedback for us talking longer to ship. We spend days with e-mails to find out what style and size of drive roller they wanted!!! "
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  6. Happy Valley

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    Heh, Dave can be kind of a stickler.

    Earlier this summer he had the friction kit/Robin engine with the dual support bars AND choice of roller size on ebay for $389 with free shipping.

    Gave him a call, said I saw his ebay ad and asked a couple of questions about it, which he kindly answered. At the end of our short conversation I asked if I could just order it with him right there since I preferred giving credit card info over the phone. He said sure and took down all my info. I asked under what name will the $389 show up under on my CC statement.
    He replied Staton, Inc. but it's not $389, he came up with a price over $400.

    He was charging me web site prices AND for the support bars and shipping.
    Hehe, he would not relent, even after taking down all the info. Said if I wanted it for $389, order off ebay....which I did of course.:D
  7. Mountainman

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    don't know about the top speed but

    Robin 35cc friction is a nice set up -- I like mine

    it helps me to as most here know -- RIDE THAT THING

    don't think that it will get you to that top speed wanted though...

    if ordered -- get the largest roller that Dave carries

    always remember to be polite when you

  8. eleseur96020

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    thanks for all the reply's, I think i am going to go with the Robin 35cc when finances permit. It looks like a solid kit and i am getting some good reviews from it. Seriously considering getting a larger roller though. Probably like a 1 1/4, or maybe something bigger (any recommendations?). I know that my weight won't be a problem so i figure why not get the increased speed. Do they have performance mods for these engines? Like an expansion chamber exhaust or is that only on 2-strokes?
  9. Mountainman

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    Get It Soon And Ride That Thing

    expansion chamber is for two stroke

    not much one can do to mod these that I have seen anyway

    yes - if you are looking for close to 30mph top speed

    1 3/8 roller mabe -- not sure if they have that size ??

    get it soon and have much fun when you

  10. kerf

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    They should have the 1 3/8" and it would be a good choice. If you would consider a two stroke, the TLE43 is very reliable, quite and IMO will out perform the Robin. With your weight, it would hit 35 easily and be good on hills.
  11. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    hold on now -- good idea the TLE43

    the TLE might serve you better - and even more fun possibly

    I bought the Robin so as to stay under the Ca. 2hp limit

    if that's not a concern for you -- check that TLE43 out also

    with a nice engine it sure does make it fun to --

  12. eleseur96020

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    Wait, is the TLE43 legal in CA? And by legal i mean if i get stopped by a CHP (lots of 'em in my area) will i have problems?
  13. Mountainman

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    Ready For A Little Homework ??

    CHP has a web site regarding motorized bicycles, mop-heads and motor cycles (Ca laws)

    you may wish to do some homework here in the laws threads in Calif
    many good things posted

    if you contact your local CHP -- they will tell you exactly what you need
    anything they say to you in person
    I would want to get on paper

    take a little time and look around
    then get you MB ready to get down and

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  14. eleseur96020

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    I know the laws, but i don't understand the 2hp comment. I thought if we were under 50cc then it isn't a problem as long as there was no local legislation against motorized bicycle (which there isn't up north here). Doesn't really make sense to say up to 50cc unless its over 2hp. They should just say under 50cc OR less than 2hp, not both.
  15. terrence

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    Im a little late to the thread but my wifes bike is a staton bike from ebay and we love it.
    We swaped out the rear tire with a slick and it runs like a dream. (R/S 35cc friction)
  16. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    in Calif a motorized bicycle must be 2hp or under

    anything above that is a motor driven cycle

    ride that thing
  17. MotorMac

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    mountainman can you provide me a link to the TLE43? thanks Mac
  18. InfoCentral

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    Friction? Is this where the motor directly presses against the tire to propel it? It seems that this would be the poorest way to go as the tire wear must be terrible. OTOH, set-up must be pretty quick and simple...
  19. kerf

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    Not at all, if one is using a quality roller and correct tire/roller tension, wear is quite acceptable.
  20. Mountainman

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    friction -- been around for a long time

    good morning MotorMac
    don't have that -- sorry -- I am running the Robin 35cc

    hi InfoCentral
    yes - you are correct - friction drive may not be the best
    but - many such as I -- at this time - do run them
    and it is amazing how long the tires trully do last
    friction has been around for a LONG TIME
    they made a little engine (friction) in the old days called CHICKEN POWER
    my buddy rode one of those for many years -- soul transportation

    makes it nice when we want to ---- RIDE THAT THING