Received Wheel from THE WHEELMASTER

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  1. bikeman6969

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    Hi fellow motorized bicycle enthusiasts i received my wheel back from the wheelmaster today. He used 8-gauge spokes on it and it is awesome.It is well worth the money it is also the last part that i needed fro my latest build it is not a kit it is a homemade bike that i built myself i did have some welding done because i dont know how to weld but the rest i did myself and i am pretty proud of it. I realize that it is not street legal but i still have pedals and as long as i dont drive like an idiot i dont think the cops will bother me to much. Feel free to check out my picks thanks Craig

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  2. ocscully

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    additional photos?

    Do you by any chance have a photo showing the completed bike from the left side? I'd love to see the the completed motor driven drive train.

  3. mountain80

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    That is some serious spokage man!!!!!
  4. bikeman6969

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    picture of drive side

    here is a picture of the drive side hope you like

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  5. ocscully

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    Request for additional information?

    Thanks for the additional photo. It looks to me like you have no reduction from your motor to the jackshaft, is that the case? Also what is the reduction between the jackshaft and the rear driven sprocket? (# of teeth on the various sprockets?)

  6. Your Bike looks AWESOME ! I have a feeling I'll be putting #8's in more wheels in the future but yours is the prototype, first one ! I feel like a proud father.... I see your future, not a broken spoke in sight.. lol........................
  7. With that power though it should do well. I see a rather easy fix if it's geared too high. If that jackshaft is a 1/2 inch you can get as high as a 25 tooth on the outboard side and it should help quite well.

    I do have to agree about those wheels. Well done Wheel Master!
  8. ZnsaneRyder

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    Sweet bike!!! 196cc and 6.5HP Honda Clone with no trailer and working pedals!!!!!


    I noticed the engine and jackshaft assembly comes from a baja minibike. Didn't the jackshaft originally get driven from the larger sprocket on it instead for some pre-reduction? Yours is reversed. Try driving the larger sprocket with the clutch, and the smaller sprocket drive the chain for the wheel.

    Also, you can get more HP by removing the plastic air-filter cover so the air filter is open to the wind. Use the wingnut to hold the filter still in place. It made a big difference on my engine, so I'd recommend it.

    Wow impressive wheels too. Keep us posted on how those hold up to the big engine :D

    It looks like you have the bike with the biggest engine mounted-on-bike on MBC!!!!

    If you were in my area, we should have a race and ride together!!!

    Happy and Insane Riding,
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  9. kawasaki999

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    Wheelmaster, Heres a pic of the bike, Craig...

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  10. brisbane_boy

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    Hey mate, I love the bike looks awsome. the bak wheels is a great idear, just a question for anybody who knows.

    are those spokes easy to get? or are they custom made?
    Im thinking of doing that for my bike.
  11. Mountainman

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    ride that big thick spokes THING

    yes -- sure is -- and a nice overall -- sweet looking motor bike

    I like those big thick spokes -- I really like those

    ride that THING
  12. ZnsaneRyder

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    I just showed my brother your bike!!! He loves it.

    He's building a 6.5HP trailer right now, and we have discussed before putting a big engine ON the bike, but wasn't sure how it was possible. Now we know.

    That's awesome, for pure speed and HP, can't beat what you did to your bike!!!

    Props for the hard work!!!
  13. bikeman6969

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    thank you i am glad you like it i worked real hard on it just ask my girlfriend how many countless hours i spent on it.But it was the labor of love and you can tell by where i park it

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  14. ZnsaneRyder

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    That's great! A conversation piece for the dinner table!