Recommend a bike for my 7 mile one way commute?

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  1. cdevidal

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    I've been reading many forum posts and searching all over the web but am not any closer to an answer. Can you help?

    * My commute is 7 miles one way on mostly level streets
    * I am 6' tall and weigh 260lbs and expect to carry up to 50lbs of gear (backpack, lunch, gear, bags, etc.). This means I usually go tall and thick on frames.
    * I want to go at least 20mph
    * I'm in Jax, FL and we get 60" of rain per year so moisture is a big deal
    * Prefer long-term reliability and ride comfort (shocks/sprung front, sprung seatpost and/or will install a Brooks saddle, NOT skinny 700c but prefer big tires, strong spokes, steel frame?)
    * Prefer a new bike, am TIRED of inheriting other people's problems!
    * I've got a Huasheng 49cc, frame mounted and a separate fuel tank from an unknown seller (Craigslist second-hand that was mounted on a bike that is now trashed)
    * Bought the Dax "In-Frame 4 Stroke Gear Box Package Deal" since the gearbox that came with it was absolute junk. This includes a gear box 3:1, 14T front, 72T rear, 62" 102 link 8mm racing chain
    * Less than $600
    * Braking power would seem to be important, but I doubt I need full disk brakes (right?)
    * Will likely install solid neverflat inserts

    What bike would you use?
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  2. Happy Valley

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    For new have a look at Torker bikes, they have a good rep and maybe something there in that price range. Also, I know you said you didn't want used but I prefer to go that route myself, with an eye toward value and evaluating condition, for 500 I could find a very good bike that would probably retail new for over a grand.
  3. cdevidal

    cdevidal New Member

    Yeah I just get so tired of inheriting problems. Thanks, I will look at the Torkers. Any other suggestions?
  4. Happy Valley

    Happy Valley Active Member

    I know what you mean, and I wouldn't want a used cheap bike but with a little higher end bike that comes through with decent components to begin, there's not much hidden, not like buying a used car or such. That's the great thing about bicycles, they are relatively easy to assess and remedy if needed.. Good luck in your search.
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  5. cdevidal

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    Thinking about what you said, I'm considering a used low-mile Trek/Cannondale/Motobecane. I can take it to a LBS for a once-over. I don't suppose it'll go over $600 if I do that.

    Also I can get a customized Worksman cruiser with springer forks, dual hub brakes and some other customizations for $586 before shipping. Just concerned about that middle bar, but likely I can cut it w/out sacrificing much durability. If I can just allow myself to cut a brand new bike :wince:
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  6. Happy Valley

    Happy Valley Active Member

    Yeah, I get it you're wanting to fit an engine in the front triangle but myself I wouldn't cut a frame like that, that's just me. Worksman enjoys a certain rep for durability and all but I find them a bit clunky, heavy too. To each their own. Felt is another label that gets talked about in a similar vein. Personally, I'm partial to good quality vintage chromoly mountain bikes.
  7. cdevidal

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  8. jeffuehrer

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    I have had an aluminum frame Raleigh now for 5 years. It has over 5,000 pedaling miles on it and at least 5,000 motored (2 48cc & 2 66cc) miles on it. It has outlasted 3 engines and is still riding strong with a crack in it. I ordered another Raleigh with a steel frame. A 20" frame is the minimum size if you want to fit a motor. They only run $360.00. Raleigh is one of the oldest bicycle companies in the world and they also used to make motorcycles. Regardless, that is the bike I choose.
  9. cdevidal

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    jeffuehrer, good endorsement. I was looking for more high mileage stories like yours.
  10. jeffuehrer

    jeffuehrer Member

    You're welcome. Good luck on whatever bike you choose. :cool:
  11. cdevidal

    cdevidal New Member

    Update: After much consideration and reading countless threads, I've decided to go for a Schwinn Clairmont ($160 at Wallyworld) and a LiveFastMotors sprocket adapter ($70) so I'm not putting more stress on the 14g spokes than necessary. Will use the ragjoint donut until that one comes in the mail.

    I might or might not have to get better v-pull brakes (around $50) from a LBS. I can upgrade to a springer fork later if so desired ($60). It's not clear if I will have to do that as the tires are already pretty thick and so they should absorb shocks somewhat well as-is. My commute is on smooth roads.

    Additionally, I will either skip the idler pulley and just tension the wheel correctly (cut the chain to the exact length), making use of the 7-speed pedal side's idler pulley spring for that chain, or get a LiveFast springloaded idler pulley ($30). I will likely have to do the latter as the engine chain will stretch over time.

    Will get some tire liners and slime for the tubes. Don't want flats at 25+MPH, no sir!

    I can get this bike immediately and start saving gas immediately, which in itself will save at least $100 over the delayed delivery of the Worksman (6 weeks+). It has a rack and fenders (and yes I've read the fender thread).

    And if it's not the right bike I haven't lost much money. I can sell it for $75 on Craigslist and only risk around $100. I'll also be able to fix and sell the last bike and pick up around $75.

    Thanks to everyone in this great forum for your help!
  12. Neon

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    If you could get them and i doubt you could. I would say buy any CCM bike. They are tough bikes and prices are usually good too. But i guess i'm biased since they are a Canadian bike.
  13. LR Jerry

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    Regardless of what you buy upgrades are going to be needed. So often times you're better off getting a good used bike and installing the upgraded parts on it.
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