Removing, replacing drive roller



Has anyone replaced one of these? My kit is a Staton. My roller is polished smooth. I may just change to gear/chain or maybe a Gebe/Whizzer-like setup instead of replacing the roller, but I'll still need to get the roller off of there. I had the engine off the rack a little while back but the roller didn't seem to want to come off the engine. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
Van, I have mine apart right now. (my inside roller support bearing carped out) The roller unscrews from the clutch bell. Regular right hand thread...very tight....a real knuckle-buster!
and, there are snap rings holding the bearings/roller in the channel.(roller housing/mounting base)

I can post pics tonight if you need them.....let me know.

pics of drive roller & clutch bell.

hope this helps.


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Not to change the subject too much but, how many miles Dave, do you have on that roller? Looks like the deep knurl is almost worn complete.
Does it have the regular cir-clips holding the bearing ends?
Thanks for the pics. I feel a lot more confidant working on it after seeing exactly how it's assembled. You sure did toast that bearing. My roller is smoother and shinier. I'm with Doc in being curious about how many miles you have on the bearing and roller. I'll post pics of mine when I get to working on it. Mine has 1,000 miles on it.
Hi guys....I'm not sure how many miles are on this kit. I bought it used on ebay. the seller said it was his primary transportation, for a year while his license was suspended. seems, like he said it had a crazy large amount of miles on it....maybe 7000-8000 miles? (why lie & say it had more miles?) but he did throw in a brand new, spare 23cc mitsu engine, w/o a carb. I haven't used it yet. Do y'all Think it might fit a GEBE?

Doc, yes the bearings are held in by snap rings, without the little eyes for the points of the snap-ring pliers. (look just like piston rings) are these cir-clips?

my question....are these bearings pressed on the drive roller? I need to find out how to take the innermost part of the bearing off the drive roller.

a side note.... I squeezed 25 mph out of this little 23cc mitsu, the last time I rode it, when It was still on my speedster. (the bearings were screaming then. My sidecar rig did them in!!)

so, Van, have you decided what you are going to do...replace the roller or...???
Ya Dave, those are circlips. After seeing that kind of mileage, Ya got me thinking about frictioners.
Dave, I had a wild idea a while back, and I may work on it. I'm thinking about having a drive ring machined, that would attach to a round aluminum plate bolted to a left-hand freewheel. The idea of a Gebe/Whizzer style drive, without the issues of spoke stress, and belt removal for pedaling, seems worth pursuing.