Replacement Battery for Heinzmann 870-00-151-2030

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    Last year I bought a custom trike chopper with a Heinzmann 870-00-151-2030 motor on the front wheel.

    The battery pack lasts for only for about an hour with intermittent use and I expect it needs to be replaced.

    I don't know anything about the history of the bike. I would guess it is at least 10 years old. I expect the battery pack is just as old.

    At present it is difficult to get clear shots of the battery but I've attached some of the labels I can see. The control box (with the key switch) is external to the battery.

    This is an "art" bike and is only used a week out of the year during a single event. The environment where the bike is used is very dusty and can be quite warm.

    What would be a good replacement for this battery?

    Also, what maintenance should I do on the motor?


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    Around my hood we have stores called batteries plus, they have batteries you never dreamed of. Might give them a shot.