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rider in Tucson



It is so cool to find this site. I thought no body was riding these bikes, I am very glad to see lots of folks here that are avid riders and supporters of the hobby. Great.

I had a bike for about 3 years now almost, a great ride that Spooky Tooth put together for me before leaving Tucson. Although the bike has been changed in so many ways; from Profile bmx cranks the 3.5'' travel mt bike shocks to suck up the nasty pot holes around town, 1 gallon tank. v brake front brake, custom 34 tooth gear on the drive....

Can't wait to attend some rallys now that I know there is a way to reach out to other riders out there.

Thanks to Roland for introducing me to something that has been so much fun and for supporting crazy bike riders. Hope to meet some very cool folks soon riding around Tucson


Apr 24, 2007
welcome to MBc, Krash! lots of tucson riders here. glad you found us.


Welcome to MBc. Be sure to turn on older guys/gals on to this site. Seems the 50 plus crowd is growing. From the Giant Side of Texas