Riding in the rain?

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  1. x9a3k

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    Hello, I was wondering if the grubee skyhawk engine kits will work in the rain and if they will get damaged by water?

  2. BigBlue

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    Yes they will! The magneto coil and rotor will get rusted and more than likely stop producing a consistent spark. Your going to have to seal the magneto case and where the wires enter the case. Do a search on what others have done. I live in California and don't ride in the rain, so I've never had to worry about water. Here's a picture of what will happen if water enters the case:
    MagnetoCoil (2).jpg Magneto cover.jpg

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  3. HeadSmess

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    each to their own.

    mine lives next to the shed. with no gutter or eaves. gets ridden in the rain. had no choice for a few years.

    only issues ive had with water is the spark plug boot arcing out when cold and wet. once its running and hot/dry its fine.

    and the carby losing the primer button thingy so it just had a convenient hole for water to get in.

    my take on the magneto is "if its sealed, the water that ALWAYS gets in wont get out".

    if anything, drill a hole in the bottom of the magneto housing. bigblues pic there shows EXACTLY where to drill :)

    never had to do it myself, ive never had water pool up in there like that...
  4. joshua97

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    just seal it up with selastic, watch out for air filter too, otherwise all good.
  5. rawly old

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    Here in the Pacific Northwest we have known some damp
    weather. In June I took a little tour down the cranberry coast.
    It began to sprinkle before I'd gone half a mile. By the time I'd
    gone 20, it became torrential deluge of biblical proportions. I
    spent that night in my bivy under a big fir. The next
    day was worse. On the third morning, after sending out a dove
    to look for land, the rain finally stopped about noon.
    My Tanaka, in spite of riding through 6" of water with rain
    so fierce one could hardly see 50 yards, never so much as
    spluttered. I was amazed. I don't really like that engine cuz
    it's too loud, but it must think water is gasoline.
  6. Fabian

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    The electrics are surprisingly resistant to water, though i seal my magneto housing with silicone. What will give you trouble when riding in the rain is the "kill switch" for water gets in between the contacts, causing the switch to effectively run closed circuit, thereby shorting the kill switch to ground, which is exactly what happens when you hit the kill switch.

    In such circumstances, i just unplug the kill switch till i get home.