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  1. stude13

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    hi; i have rebuilt many small engines and have never seen pins in piston ring slots, so today i went to a tool rental stores mechanic to see if he knew of them. he said no and showed me two houskavarna motors on the bench. no pins. is that the end of it? mitch

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    these are simple engines
    the locating pins are so the rings cover each others open end thats all
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    thanks bill; both ghosto and pablo said i should have them. i just dont want to open the engine again.
  4. Pins in ring lands

    Hi, well the little pins locate the rings, so they will not hang up in the transfer ports. This may not be the best method, but it does work

  5. Well said.



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    woopee! i just got off the phone with jim at powerking and he said on his engine there are NO locating pins. my bike will get gas this afternoon. thanks guys. i guess some and some dont. mitch