Rummy's Huffy Cranbrook

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    Was caught off guard while at my Uncle's a few days ago. He said he put together a motorized bike and didn't have any luck getting it going and it's been sitting for a while. I was more than welcome to take it... So of course I threw the bike rack on and headed there after work to pick it up. Here's what I ended up hauling away.


    Huffy Cranbrook (that seems to be fairly popular for converting) that needs some help. He bent the left crank arm to clear the pull start. I've bent crank arms before and it felt funny but this isn't going to fly... I'd love another bike but might as well cruise this while it's together. I really want to do something stretched out with a nice big headlight.

    Threw it up on the rack last night to see what I could mess with. Man I need to clean out the garage.....


    Pulled the air cleaner, ditched all the useless stuff that was on the bike, moved around the choke lever, drained the tank and rerouted the gas line, cleaned up some cabling it a bit (still more to do), checked the plug, mixed up some new gas and gave it a few pulls. Actually fired up after about 4-5 pulls and sounded like it was running nice! It was too late to go for a ride but you better believe today I'm going for a cruise. haha

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    I like it. Banana seat isn't very soft, but it let you sit low and aft.
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    Yeh not a fan if the banana seat, both looks and comfort. Haha

    Took it out for its first trip today. Mixed gas 16:1 for break in since I don't think it's ever been ran, or hasnt been run much.

    Started up fine but seemed to run really hot and didn't have any power after 1/4 throttle. Seemed to start cutting out. Ran good under 1/4 and had decent power.

    Can I get a temp of the head for an accurate running temp? I'm going to give it another run here in a bit and maybe leave the choke 1/2 way to see if it helps.
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    Well, got in a shake down run today. Put 5 miles on it at lunch time. Had a few issues, seems like something is going on with the chain line. Chain hopped off the cog a couple times. It's REALLY close to the rear tire, never really noticed it before. I'll have to look into that.

    As for how the motor ran, I adjusted the choke lever so there was no slop in it and tightened it up a bit so it wouldn't move while adjusting. I ended up running around 1/2 choke for it to run the best. It wouldn't idle on it's own though. Ran good cruising around the neighborhood around 15mph. Top speed was 22mph on a fairly flat stretch of road. Ran it this way for about 20 minutes or so.

    When I was back to the truck to load her up and head back to work I must of peaked some curiosity from someone. haha

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    First off. throw away that POS CNS carb...the old standard NT carbs work much better....check rear sprocket...make sure the concave side is facing out...the chain tensioner should be UNDER the chain not pulling in or out...
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    Thanks, CNS carb just doesn't hold a tune? I was getting an odd sound occasionally so while reading through the stickies I seen the video on "four stroking" which seems to be something I'm experiencing too. Maybe it's the carb....
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    The more I worked on it the more I tore it down to tweak things and here we are...

    Stripped the frame to clean up a few things that bugged me. No more chain guard mounts, ground off the water bottle insert and welded them up.


    Scuffed everything with steel wool and hoping to lay some paint tomorrow.


    I am trying to figure out a cleaner way to replace this motor mount...

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    I know it's an old post, but how this one ended up??? I really like it!
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    Since the guy hasn't been on in more than 2 years we'll probably never know
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    Sad, but thanks for the answer!