Running fine then the rain came! HELP!!!

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by bodgybuilds, Sep 8, 2008.

  1. bodgybuilds

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    hi guys, as i use my bike as a daily commuter, I rode home in the pouring sydney rain and all of a sudden, running fine to a complete stop, just felt like someone pulled the spark plug out!

    Luckily, i have 2 MB'S, so I have changed the following with no love....

    Magneto, spark plug (and cable) CDI, carbie (drained fuel from bowl just in case of water in there!) disconnected kill swtich....

    My motor is a 50cc and you can see the bike on my picture album:

    anyone got any ideas? cause im stumped

  2. BSA

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    Sounds like your magneto or CDi has got wet.

  3. BSA May be correct.

    Take off side cover of CDI let dry a bit..

    then carefully dry off with a hair dryer.

    If you don't need a new cdi and it does fire back up MAKE sure you seal up the Side plate and use a small amount of silicone where the wire come into the motor casing.

    hope this helps