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    Warm greetings from the west coast :grin5:

    My names WhiteSky and I've been interested in in a motorized bike for awhile now ("Yea... that guy in the 2010 Hummer blasting his beat is pretty cool I guess... but that guy from the ghetto with a weedwacker on his bike is BADASS:jester:")

    I love riding my bike, and driving a car was only cool the first week. The other day I rode my bike to school and that felt epic. My friend lives at UC Davis, which is about a 30 minute drive from Sac, and I think it would be wicked sweet to get some motorized assistance doing that. I've been researching a little bit, thinking about maybe just buying a motor scooter or busting out the sickest bike my friends have ever seen :cool2:

    Besides, a scooter is a little outta my taste.

    Anyways, hello! I'll keep researching if I should buy a preassembled motor bike (seems to be ~$500), order an engine and assemble it myself (~$200-350 + some sort of guaranteed failure), or trying the weed eater engine. Wish me luck :evilgrin:

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    Welcome aboard.

    You'll have fun. Keep us posted.