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  1. TNtraveler

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    I am planning to take about a 110 mile trip this Saturday to celebrate living to be 50 years old. And to see how the bike holds up. I made myself a rear view mirror and a rack to carry a gas can, some tools and a cooler for the trip so I think I am all set.

    I read somewhere about someone having a front axle break. That worries me, does anyone know if that is a common problem? I worry because I weigh in at a bit over 300 pounds so it is a full load when I ride.


  2. wheelbender6

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    I have heard of some problems with the "skewer" axles, but not the nutted ones.
    Check all your nuts and bolts for tightness before rolling on a long trip.
    Enjoy your ride. I start to get uncomfortable on my bike after 25 miles or so from the vibration.
  3. give me vtec

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    yeah I wouldn't trust the quick disconnect one's for a trip that long. If using them you might want to switch to a solid axle secured by a nut.
  4. TNtraveler

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    I know what you mean about getting uncomfortable after 25 miles but I usually dont make it that far before I need a rest. From the riding I have done so far I average about 17 or 18 mph so it should take about 6 hours of riding time and I plan to spread that out over the whole day leaving at day light. There are plenty of shade trees along the way to stop and rest under and I am really looking forward to this trip.

    The axles look to be about 3/8 inch diameter fine thread (though I think it may be metric) and held on by a lock nut. Looking at it I dont see how it could break being that short even hauling my fat butt! It is a schwinn cruiser from walmart bought about 10 years ago. Maybe just a little paranoid since I am new to this and I of course want to see 51!! :cool:

  5. bamabikeguy

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    You have an 80cc, right?

    How many miles can you go starting with a full tank?

    The reason I ask is, when traveling a full day, I have to fill up my little 22 oz tank and (2) 33 oz spares at least once per day, after about 5-6 hours of riding.

    Your tank is larger, and you could leave the can at home, just carry along your oil, then combine a fill up with a rest time, plus talk to the locals about best routes and possible sights.

    All's you would need is a small chart, to figure ounces of oils to the gas you've added at a station.

    I don't think you'd have to be "exact" to the measurement, just know how much to add : "Ounces of oil per 1/10 of gallon purchased". An animal vet's syringe would be the tool I'd carry on these 25:1 mixes.
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    Yes it is an 80cc and the tank is 2 liter. I measured exactly 1/2 gallon in the tank and ran it out of gass. It went 49.7 miles so the milage is about 100 mpg. The route I will be taking is mostly rural back roads. I will go through 2 small towns the forst of which has no gas station and the next one is around the 50 mile mark so I am afraid of running out of gas. I like to walk but not that far! I plan to fill up when I leave home and take an extra 1.25 gallons of gas (the bottles of oil I use mixes that about of gas) so I should be able to go 150 miles at least. The people I bought it from recommend 20:1 for longer trips so I have been using that so far, though I see many here that use less oil. A farmer I worked fror as a kid used to say grease everything everyday because grease is cheaper than bearings! I guess I figure oil is cheaper than motors.

    I do plan to talk with local folks and will probably have lunch in the second small town which is near the 50 mile mark. That is Ashland, Mississippi if you are interested. My mother was from this area so I have a lot of family history there and will be visiting a small family cemetary. I will be riding from Somerville, Tennessee. I plan to make a day of it and will take a camera and have a go at posting pictures of my bike and anything I think looks interesting. I am really looking forward to this. :)

  7. TNtraveler

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    Well I made it to the Ashland city limit and stoped and took a picture of the sign, it was 46.6 miles. It took me just under 4 hours to get there and was a great ride. When I started again I went about 100 yards and had a flat on the back tire. :( I had tools and pump and patches so took it off and tried to patch it but the split was long. I tried two patches and it seemed to hold but went down as soon as i pumped it up. It looks like a defect in the tube because i split along a seam. Anyway I also lost my master link when i seperated the chain and never found it. Had to call my wife to come bail me out. :( While I waited the fellow that owns the Asland Hardware store came home (I was in front of his house). He offered me a drink and was very nice. I asked him about a master link and he said he didnt carry them but came back later with a link kit. He said he didnt even know he had them and had never sold one! Anyway I bought a number 41 master link from him but still had a flat so had to go home by truck. :( I will try again and take a spare tube and maybe a spare link too! While I waited I figured out a way to make a kick stand that will hold the bike up without the wkeels on so that will be helpful. I am learning as I go here!
    Not sure why this thing went flat the split was on the inside like a spoke caused it but I have tape for a spoke band. I think when I replace it I will add more tape anyway and maybe make a spoke band from the old tube. Anyway any wisdome is always appreciated!!
  8. bamabikeguy

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    That kickstand you want is available, some company in Texas makes it.

    I don't have my J&B catalog handy for the part #, but it's one of those doubled up stands, that fits in the same hole as your regular stand. Puts the rear wheel 1-2" in the air.
  9. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    Was your tube one of those thornproofs with slime? I've had my suspicions up about that one, re: seams.

    They took the magic ingredient out of patching glue nowadays, I think. Used to be, as a kid, you could make a hot patch work, borrowing a book of matches from dad.

    I carry a spare and can of air, don't even think about patches.....
  10. TNtraveler

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    Yea it was the slime tube and the patches are green with no glue you just peal and stick it on like a decal. Have not taken it off yet but am curious about what happened, did the patch fail or the seam split further?

    When I was a kid we used to get "Monkey Grip" or "Camel" cold patches. Clean the tube put the glue on let it dry a minute and put the patch on. It became part of the tube there was no getting it off!! Some people would light the glue too and place the patch on hot but I think it worked as well cold. I could not find either of those though. I like the spare tube and canned air idea!!

    I am not familiar with J&B could you send me a link I really want one of those kick stands?

  11. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    I think that Texas place is third from the top on this page:

    ESGE 2-leg Kickstand
    We keep the 2-legged kickstand in stock. Long live kickstands! Easy Street Recumbents Austin, TX ... Works on singles up to our quad. Larry. Mt Airy Bicycle ...

    Show map of 235 Pacific Way, Muir Beach, CA 94965 - Cached - SimilarESGE 2-leg Kickstand

    But there are a few other sources on that search page too.
  12. TNtraveler

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    Thanks for the link bamabikeguy!!

    I think I will put that on my things to get list. I still want to try my home made idea though. If it works I will post about it.

    BTW, I am already planning Saturday trip part two! :)