Schwinn Trike & RS 35

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    This forum seems to be getting stagnant, so I'll post a quick summary
    on my latest build, David Staton has many good pics on his site, so mine
    isnt really any different,

    His Outside drive gear box Kit is a real Winner, This kit installed in less than 3 hours start to finish, no surprises, These RS 35's are great little engines
    Starting is quick and easy, I used the Sen Dec HourMeter/Tach from Northern Tool, Mounted with a good Kill switch on the Handlebars, Works well.

    The Folding wire basket that came with the Trike Kit is junk, it Rattles ALOT.
    I don't really need it, I'll probably replace it with a flat pc of plywood or some sort of tote box

    The non- drive rear wheel was Severly warped, but I got it trued up pretty easy. I think alot of folks are intimidated by the Trueing of a wheel.
    it Ain't that big of a deal. I would like to possibly replace the 2 rear wheels
    with something heavier & 12 gauge spokes, bit I think these are somewhat Odd & proprietorial??? The drive wheel is pretty much just a regular front wheel with 2 washers welded on the end of the hub with a flat spot for the drive, no bearings. The freewheel has bearings.

    The trike itself is fun to ride, Its a bit different than a bike, so you have to know this going into a trike project, I've only got a few short runs on it as of yet, but it seems fairly stable on long straight country roads up to my top speed of 26 mph

    I got the Bike at Academy Sports for $249, not bad at all


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    A picture is worth a thousand words. Get your camera out bro. The last trike I built was a 26"/OCC parts, chopper/bobber bike. Coolest thing I ever built. (see it in my album). Sold it for pretty good money. So take a pic bro. I think we all want to see it.
    Big Red.